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5 Habits of Highly Productive People: And How to Make them Yours


If you’re human living in the Tech Age then chances are you’ve felt The Struggle. That hopeless feeling of being torn between what you have to do and what you want to do… on that note I wonder if we have any new likes…

Get this: Countless studies have determined that we, the modern people of social media and reality television, have shorter attention spans than goldfish! So let’s do something about it and show them goldfish who’s boss!

5 Habits of Highly Productive People

  1. Set Goals: Create a to-do list. Accomplish your less important goals first, then give yourself 110% to what’s important. This is contradictory to popular tips but just wait until all those little things you put off are actually done. Create your checklist with this in mind.
  2. NO Multitasking: Focus on one thing at a time. By scattering your mind, you may feel productive but you’re offering less of yourself to the task at hand. While you may accomplish more tasks in less time, the results are never as good as they can be with proper attention and care. I curb my tendency to multitask by following my to-do list!
  3. Keep the end in sight: This can be achieved by creating a vision board and displaying it in a prominent place. Dress up a poster board with images and words that will motivate you to reach those wild dreams of yours. 
  4. Stop! Meditate!: It’s super healthy to establish a regular habit of quieting your mind. Take a break from the endless noise of social media, email and work. This may be our most impactful tip. Many people like to sit in front of their vision boards. Others like to close their eyes, cross their legs and perch themselves atop mountains. There’s no wrong way to meditate, simply allow the mind to breathe and go with the flow. By practicing meditation you’re creating a focal point allowing your mind to center on your goals.
  5. Celebrate the little accomplishments: Whether it’s one step along the journey or a mile, rewards are a great way to keep up moral and boost productivity. A piece of chocolate here, a scoop of ice cream there, maybe a new gadget or pair of shoes! Celebrate yo’self! 

Tools for High Productivity

Appointed Goods: You can have all the apps in the world but they will never generate the strength and mind power that goes into handwriting a list, or note taking. It’s science, y’all 😉 

Chocolate for that end-of-day reward <3  

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How do you stay focused? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

And as always, we are here to help you design your life. 



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Mothers Day Gift Shop Guide

Consider us your one-stop-shop. We’ve collected staff favorites and unique small-batch items that are sure to impress. This is a list for that special someone, be it Mom or your Baby-Mama, you know she’s your world so show her how you truly feel, express your love with these meaningful gifts from Coveted Home. 



Leather Wood & Faulk Wallet Clutch | Na Nin Incense | Convivial Hexagon Dish | Fringe Keychain

Sierra Winter Earrings | Cowhide Wallet | Na Nin Black Pepper Perfume | Incense Dish | Brass Aleta Cuff

Get the complete look for $614* This Mothers Day Special includes Free Shipping!

Hide Glasses Sleeve | Leather Tote | Appointed Signature Notebook | Coveted Home Gift Card


Zig-Zag Basket | Gold Circle Dish |Pink Sapphire Earrings | Hyde Clutch 

Wood Bowl | Horn + Brass Ring | 14k Gold Earrings 

Coveted Home Signature Candles 

mothers day gift guide

Our newest planter from Convivial Productions is now home to a lovely Olive Tree, this makes a quick grab for one lucky motherlover!

Full Geometric Planter + Olive Tree = $150 (pick up only)


*before taxes

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The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

This season forget the old tricks, forget Godiva, forget Kay Jewelers — We have you covered with these handcrafted, boutique lovelies. Strive to be original and show these Valentine-e’s what they really mean <3

Continue reading The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

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Fall Market in High Point, North Carolina

I am always inspired after returning from a market can you not be? Spending days looking at beautiful furniture and home decor. Seeing whats new and seeing how old favorites are being reinterpreted. Finding unexpected color combos and running into famous designers & industry folk–I saw Crystal Palecek of Rue Magazine, Thom Filicia & Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. Market is an exciting place for me. I am never disappointed with my finds for the shop and my clients. Here is a little look at what caught my eye this year.

Coveted Home in High Point

I had a list of vintage dealers I wanted to see and they did not disappoint. These shots are from the 214 Modern showroom.

Coveted Home in High Point


Coveted Home in High Point

Coveted Home in High Point

I made fast friends with Lance & David from Parker Kennedy Living. I adore their colorful perspective on vintage Palm Beach.

Coveted Home in High Point

This chair is coming to Coveted Home

Coveted Home in High Point

Along with a pair of these..

Coveted Home in High Point

Love visiting the Natural Curiosities team to see what they are up to. I was smitten with all of the color choices on the upholstered pieces in their showroom.

Coveted Home in High Point

This was a favorite piece from the Zoe Bios booth. If you haven’t been in the shop recently you must come by and see the 3 Zoe Bios pieces that we just got in–so good.

Coveted Home in High Point

Love this mirror paired with a favorite Barbara Cosgrove Lamp (I actually have this lamp at home!) Mirror coming to the shop soon.

Coveted Home in High Point

OBSESSED with this Arteriors floor lamp.

Coveted Home in High Point

Scored this amazing rug for a client..cannot wait to share the results of this room with you!

Lots of goodies coming to the shop that are not shown here.. so stay tuned!

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Stripe Tease | Interior Design Kansas City


Now that the holidays are over (can’t imagine that I speak only for myself when I say that I couldn’t be more pleased…) and the new year is fast approaching, I’m looking for fresh ways to liven up my little studio apartment. I think black and white cabana stripes could be the answer. Something about this classic print makes everything around it look clean and new and incredibly stylish. If I could, I’d totally recover my modern lounge chair in black + white stripe upholstery fabric (see last image). Until I can do so, I settled for a few stripe throw pillows : ) How do you incorporate stripes into your home?