Coveted Home is an interior design and home decor boutique. Whether working on a home remodel or searching for the perfect accessory to perch on your mantel, we are here to help you design your life. Our current passion is finding small, well crafted, American made accessory lines to mix in to the boutique’s collection of new and vintage furniture. This is a story we love to tell and wholeheartedly believe in. Smaller is better. 

Jaclyn Joslin, Founder & Designer

Jaclyn attended design school in Southern California and was greatly influenced and inspired by the casual, eclectic and glamorous lifestyle that is ubiquitous of California. In 2008, she moved home to Kansas City and opened her first furniture retail and interior design showroom, Urban Dwellings Design, in the historic River Market of downtown Kansas City.  In 2012, Jaclyn closed Urban Dwellings and moved her business across town founding her second interior design & home decor boutique, Coveted Home. Both businesses have given her an outlet to help others by enriching lives through incorporating beauty, comfort and individuality to her clients homes.

Jaclyn loves getting to know her clients during the design process. Figuring out what “lights them up” is a key element for her in designing successful spaces that will be lived in and loved for years to come. Always mixing styles, layering, adding texture and rhythm, designing for others is what makes her “job” so fulfilling.  A thoughtful and well planned design approach that is executed in a concise manner by Jaclyn and her design team is the top priority for providing her clients.

“My goal is making sure that the design process is as pleasurable as the outcome with the ending result being a home that clients will love and their guests will covet.”



Simone, Shop Greeter

Simone, a Brussles Griffon, was born on a farm and raised in a furniture store making her the embodiment of the perfect dog. She is passionate about her role at Coveted Home and greets most visitors with a few kisses. She always offers up a spot next to her on the furniture and happily welcomes you to rub her belly while you take a seat.

When she is not hard at work Simone loves to go on walks, frolick in the woods and take naps. Her true joy is being around people though so stop in and say hi.

  • Whenever I'm in or around Corinth square, I make it a point to stop by the Coveted Home. I'm always very excited to see what new & interesting pieces they have in. I'm glad they're here, I can't think of another store like it KC.
    Regina Daughtry
  • I love The Coveted Store! From the moment I walk in I know I'll be warmly greeted by both whoever is behind the counter & Simone! It smells like heaven in there & now that's the only place I get my candles & diffusers.
    Cathrine Sims
  • Jaclyn’s design expertise was very important in our family’s newly renovated home. She designed a plan for our living room with helpful suggestions for layout. When I expressed my preferences she readily made changes to accommodate. My husband and I love the stylish “liveability” of our new space!
    Joni Friedrich
  • Jaclyn is a clever designer with limitless imagination! She transformed my home into a comfortable reflection of my family’s essential style--warm and inviting, yet vibrant and fun. Touches of whimsy and statement pieces blend together to create a home we love.
    Kristin Stinson