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Auditory Aesthetics | Johnny Flynn

auditory aesthetics johnny flynn music design review

Johnny Flynn is the quintessential one-man-band.  The singer-songwriter to end all singer-songwriters, who’s taken the “folk” aesthetic of Simon and Garfunkel and submerged it into a crockpot along with grunge, Brit-pop and English shanties. And like his music, the design scene is experiencing a similar revival — That of Americana — where farmhouse sentiments meet the 21st century — where Folk Art meets Tribal — where Country and Space Age collide… you know what I mean. I think. 

As such no trend feels more appropriate than to pair him alongside the maker movement. Where Rustic farmhouse notes mingle with bops and bits of the modern rhythm. It’s an amazing time to be into design. When people, locals like you and me, have taken the initiative to invest in themselves learning how to make ceramics, furniture, and art, jewelry, food, you name it. Consider this the next renaissance.

It’s time to take the manufacturing of everyday goods int our own hands or support those that do. 


Shop the look

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  2. Trouve Magazine: Inspiration more creatives, makers, thinkers. 
  3. Hanging Planter
  4. Airplant Cradle
  5. Black Pepper + Cedarwood Candle
  6. Leather Eyeglasses Sleeve
  7. Ceramic Tumbler
  8. Vintage Moroccan Pouf