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A Creative Night at the Museum

There is a movement happening across the country. A grassroots movement of creative entrepreneurs setting out to make a living on their own terms. The lure of being your own boss, making your own rules and most importantly following your talent in pursuit of happiness, feels more popular than ever right now.

Enter Tyler Enders and Thomas McIntyre of Made in KC. Two guys that fell into running a retail store stocked full of products that are…made in Kansas City, simply due to their love of the creative talent they’ve watched blossom around them.

When Tyler approached me about joining forces and co-hosting a dinner that would be celebrating the makers of Kansas City it felt like just the kind of opportunity I had been waiting for. We love working with local talent at Coveted Home–whether we are representing and selling their wares or working together on a custom project. Having just opened the new shop with the help of several local makers, the timing couldn’t have been better.

A dinner party was born and realized mainly by Tyler, who’s talent seems to be bringing people together (and he might have also missed his calling as an event planner;)). We called it A Creative Convergence and I hope we can continue the tradition on by hosting more events in the future.

A list of the amazing people that helped make this dinner possible by giving their time & talent:

Ryan Hubbard: graphic design on invitations and printed artwork given to each guest

Sarah Terranova: appetizer dish and event photography

Ozzie Mendoza: main course dish

Mama Hoppers Baking: dessert

Blomma Floral Design: flower/greenery design

Brasstacks: dinner tables

Convivial Production: dinnerware and tabletop accessories

Picaro Photography: event photography

Summerhouse Films: event video (can be watched here)

Museum at Prairiefire: event space

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Sarah Terranova Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

Picaro Photography for A Creative Convergence

From left to right: Sarah Terranova, Ozzie Mendoza, Jaclyn Joslin, Tyler Enders & Thomas McIntyre

Seriously. Such a good night. Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us.



****UPDATE ON POST! *****

Our friend Ozzie Mendoza, the genius behind the evenings delicious main course has graciously shared his recipe for the Pollo relleno de Monfongo that he prepared for us. You won’t find exact ingredient amounts in this recipe. That is not the kind of chef Ozzie is. When he cooks Puerto Rican he sticks to his intuition and goes off taste and feel.

First, a note from Ozzie on his culinary roots:

“We grew up modestly though always had a spot at the dinner table for a last minute guest- often filled! I’d eventually leave home, continually move farther away (in both location and cooking style) and through subsequent years of poor health would often reflect upon my best times. It was when I realized that I prefer feeding friends and loved ones to the cooking itself that I truly understood what it means to live fully and create.” –Ozzie Mendoza

Pollo relleno de Mofongo

Ingredients for Pollo relleno de Mofongo;
– 1 whole chicken, deboned in style of Galantine
– 6 Tbsp olive oil
– 2 tsp annatto seed
– Goya brand Adobo seasoning with cumin; or garlic salt with additional cumin, black pepper, coriander seed to taste.
– Splash white wine vinegar
– 1.5 plantains, green
– 1L Peanut or Canola oil, for frying
– 2 slices thick cut bacon, jowl is preferred if available
– 3-5 cloves of fresh garlic, minced or preferably smashed in mortar/pestle
– Juice from 1/2 lemon
– 2.5-3.5oz butter, best you can get
– 1/2 tsp anchovy paste (optional)
Optional Garnish:
– 1 bunch cilantro, blanched and dried in paper towel.
– 1/3 cup olive oil
– blend thoroughly and strain or simply chop fresh cilantro and sprinkle after serving
Preparation for chicken;
– Take olive oil and place it in double boiler with annatto on medium-low heat for 20 minutes or so, until deep red. A pot with water below a pan will work brilliantly. If annatto is unavailable, substitute with 1.5 packets Goya brand Sazon seasoning blend.
– Debone chicken in Galantine style. If unfamiliar, a quick Youtube search will yield accurate results.
– Season chicken to taste with Adobo by laying out flat and covering with a healthy dusting on both sides. Follow up with annatto oil/seasoning. If uncomfortable, purposely over-season and leave salt out of subsequent Mofongo.
– Note; one of the many secrets of Puerto Rican cooking lies in the seasoning- massage your chicken thoroughly with love!
– Place in bowl, rub with splash of vinegar and leave out, covered, for 30-40 minutes while preparing Mofongo.
Preparation for Mofongo;
– Render bacon or jowl on medium heat until crispy. Dry on paper towel and dispose of oil.
– Peel and slice plantain evenly (approximately 5 slices per plantain). Best to use all the plantain and have a nice little snack while waiting.
– Set heat to medium/med-high and deep-fry slowly (to test oil see if tip of  chopstick or small piece of plantain starts bubbling when contacting oil), leave on paper towel to absorb oil after frying until a deep, golden brown. Approximately 11-13 minutes (color is more important than time!).
– Mash plantains until all broken apart. This is the tricky part- unless you have proprietary equipment, I’d suggest a mix of chopping with a knife and smashing with a pot and cutting board!
– Mix with hands, your best kitchen tool, and introduce bacon, salt to taste, garlic to taste, butter slowly to taste. We’re looking for a hearty consistency without being dry. Once in check, add lemon to balance out said heartiness, supplying the final moisture/acidity needed. Too much lemon is better than too little. Bonus points if you add anchovy paste. Should be a bit crumbly, but easily molded into a 1.5inch-diameter cylinder.
– Lay seasoned chicken out, skin side on bottom.
– Lay Mofongo cylinder neatly in center, then wrap chicken around either side. Flip chicken over delicately in whichever direction the chicken folds over the top (this is to say that if the left side of the chicken is placed atop the right, spin over gently toward the left so that inside contents go undisturbed). You may need to taper ends of Mofongo cylinder to accommodate.
– Tie with a butcher’s knot (Youtube link here) 4 times horizontally followed by once vertically. At this time you can rearrange and make look beautiful as some of the stuffing will inevitably fall out, misshaping it.
– Roast uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. For a little extra crisp on skin, broil for last 5 minutes.
– Let rest for 10 minutes in pan before slicing, serving and garnishing.
Thank you for sharing Ozzie!
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Cutting a Rug

unnamed (9)

Rug shopping can be difficult. Sometimes, you can’t find the right one… rather, it finds you. Coveted Home recently fell into a collection of vintage rugs and still can’t quite come to terms with our good luck. This might sound a bit nutty, but I believe that each rug has it’s own personality. If you saw them in the shop, I just know you’d agree! Until then, feel free to check them out on our Chairish storefront right here.

unnamed (7)unnamed (3)cde439e9-1875-43d1-a1a6-f3e65cfff1ff

Currently, we have 4 small kilims. They’re beautiful and have that lovely wear that distinguishes them from Pottery Barn fare. Each measures roughly 2′ x 3′ and would make a wonderful entryway or kitchen rug. Additionally, wouldn’t they be smart wall hangings?


If you’re looking to add color to a room, this vintage wool Russian rug would be an excellent way to go. At 13′ x 10′, it’s ginormous! And absolutely stunning. We currently have it on display at the store and find it to be a glutton for compliments.


Finally, this wool rug from Afghanistan is softer than the rest and certainly more traditional. At 3’10” by 5’8″, it’s the perfect size for an entry way. We also think it would look lovely if layered over a sisal. The colors are shades of brick and cream, making it a neutral piece that could fit in almost any decor.

Check out these pieces and more on Chairish! We’re always adding new inventory. Not to mention, it’s a great way to “visit” the shop from afar : )



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Meet Rebecca Atwood

Our team at Coveted Home has been long-time admirers of Rebecca Atwood‘s work. First, we like that the Brooklyn-based textile designer manufactures her products right in New York City’s garment district. All pieces are either hand-painted or hand-dyed in a process called Shibori (which is essentially the ancient Japanese answer to tie-dye). Second, her products are so. darn. cool. Is no wonder that everyone from the New York Times to Design*Sponge have written about her pieces!

rebecca-atwood-coveted-home-blogrebecca-atwood-pillows-1RAD_SLIDESHOW_03-01 RAD_SLIDESHOW_01-01

We are so pleased to announce that we’ll receive our first shipment of Rebecca Atwood pillows this week! We hope that you’ll find her equally as enchanting. Happy Monday!

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Bedding Fit For a Queen



The awesome thing about MGBW’s Spring sale is that it encompasses so much more than beautiful furniture! For example, their yummy bedding line. Like most design aficionados, I’m a bedding nut for several reasons. One, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to transform a bedroom. Two, nothing beats climbing into a bed with fresh new sheet (especially when they’re super luxurious).

MGBW’s bedding collection is fairly new. When the company decided to launch the line they chose to partner with Matouk, a incredible high-end linen company. Like MGBW, Matouk manufactures all products in the United States and has a die-hard commitment to quality. Together, the two came up with chic and modern offerings unlike anything else on the market. The simple pieces are easy to mix and match with existing bedding and have a thread count of 520 (!!). If you want a better sleep, you know where to find us!

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Fresh New Arrivals



It’s 75 degrees today! Which means we are opening the doors and windows and letting that fresh Spring air inside. We’re also going to be dreaming about where we can place the shop’s new Spring goodies in our homes! The past few weeks have brought a slew of new arrivals that we just love. For example, the incredibly chic mudcloth pillows above. In a way, they’re like a leather jacket for your sofa as they make their surroundings look so much cooler! 




Kenichi Eco Throw- Soft Coral-Sunny by Happy Habitat Reverse Eco Throw-Black and Linen by Happy Habitat 2

Coveted Home is now carrying a line of recycled cotton throws from Happy Habitat by Karrie Kaneda. They’re soft, light-weight, and heirloom-quality. These throws come in a multitude of colors, from neutrals to brights. We just know that you’d cherish yours for years to come.



Lastly, Coveted Home now carries the iconic designer Bunny Williams’ collection of cotton rugs for Dash & Albert. We’ve shown two of her pink patterns above, but of course the line is available in several different hues. The rugs are unbelievably stylish and competitively priced. Come check out what we have today!

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On Your Mark, Get Set…


You’ve been waiting nearly six months for this: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Bi-Annual Special Order Sale! From March 27th until the first week of May, Mitchell Gold will be offering 20% off all special order sales. From beds to sofas to dining room chairs, now is the time to pull the trigger on those beautiful pieces of furniture you’ve been lusting after.

In celebration of this special event, we’ve pulled together a few favorite images of MGBW furniture in action. As you can see, the line is so versatile that it fits in modern to the most traditional homes. Let us help you create a home that you love (at a 20% discount!) with these beautiful pieces. Come see us soon!




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we’ve got the fever



Can old man winter play with our heads anymore?! When it’s 70 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next, I’m never quite sure how to dress for the day. But I do know how to dress my home. Gone are the velvet blankets and heavy wool throws — I’m ready for fresh flowers and bright colors. We rounded up a few beautiful pieces in store that will surely bring your home into the next season. It may feel like 12 degrees outside, but inside it can feel like Spring : )

From the top:
1. Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert “Anabelle” Runner
2. John Robshaw Coral Dinner Napkins (set of 4)
3. Sydney Hale Co. Magnolia & Rosewood Soy Candle
4. Tankara “Nala” Earrings
5. “Changing Counter Balance” Abstract Print
6. Barbara Cosgrove “Barcelona” Lamp topped with a Hillary Thomas finial
7. Tambu Decorative Pillow

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Parisian Perfection

nuevoestilo-tagomago1 nuevoestilo-tagomago2nuevoestilo-tagomago6nuevoestilo-tagomago4 nuevoestilo-tagomago13

European spaces have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. Is it the classic architectural details? Is it the way they’re able to mix modern and traditional? Their minimalist luxe sensibility? I can’t be exactly sure… but I want it. This particular apartment above belongs to two gallery owners. Get this: their home ALSO serves as their gallery. Yes, clients visit them at home and purchase pieces directly off their walls (hence the fantastic art). But back on topic, I think the secret to this home is the white walls (and their beautiful crown molding) and the pops of colorful minimalist furniture. I can see Mitchell Gold + Bob William’s Major Chair or Draper Chair fitting right in. The same goes for Currey & Co.’s Drayton Desk Lamp (we have the floor lamp version here in the shop) and Arterior’s Eakin Table. Are you feeling inspired yet?

I hope to come across many more beautiful European homes in 2014. Even if I can’t have one, they never cease to get my creative thought process going : )

Photos via Desire to Inspire


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Love at First Sight



Dear Home of Chris and A.J. Cosgove: Will you be our valentine?

To our team here at Coveted Home, this space was love at first sight! It’s featured in it’s entirety in the February issue of Spaces, and you simply have got to pick up a copy. A.J. is a longtime friend of Jaclyn’s and the store, and we were thrilled to see her beautiful home in the spotlight. We’re big fans of her warm, family-friendly modern style, the amazing Barbara Cosgrove lamps throughout and her impeccable taste in artwork. And that cow wallpaper? Don’t even get us started. Congratulations, A.J.!

P.S. If you’re looking for the February issue of Spaces, we have complimentary copies at the boutique!

All photographs from Spaces Magazine.

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I’m a sucker for a good banquette, built-in or free-standing. There’s something about these little seating areas that is cozy, comforting. Built-in banquettes offer storage and informality and are wonderful for families. Free-standing banquettes are a great way to add variety, interest and balance to a dining room. Though they needn’t be curved, we think the rounded banquettes are super cool around a circular table (like MGBW’s “Finley”, shown in the photo above). It’s formal, unique + chic. We want it all!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



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