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Back to School: Apartment & Dorm Decor

The summer is coming to a close and I am getting ready to back to head back to school.  Though I am more than upset to leave Coveted Home, I decided to focus on the sweeter side of the bittersweet end and use the knowledge I’ve gained here at the shop to create a rough, but helpful, Back to School interior guide.  I took queues from the simple and tasteful style that has (hopefully) rubbed off on me during my time here, thanks to Mel and Jaclyn, and combined it with the lessons I’ve already learned about small-dorm/apartment living.

What I have learned from years of dorm living is everything (if possible) should have more than one purpose.  I have chosen the wire stackable storage for it’s thin frame and versatility. Multiple can be stacked on top of each other  for maximum storage, but it is short enough on it’s own to be stacked on top of a dresser if you find that you are rapidly running out of floor space. The baskets can be used as intended or turned upside down if you’re in a pinch for table space.

The nesting tables are perhaps the most versatile and space-efficient pieces (as well as some of the most stylin). They can be used all around an apartment or dorm. When your done they slide right up under one another, making them useful and space efficient.

I have chosen a stool for similar reasons. The stool can be used in place of a desk chair or as extra seating when friends come to visit with out taking up an entire corner of your room. (Also, another table surface in a pinch!)

Additional, indispensable forms of storage, for me, are trunks and built-in bed drawers.  The trunk pictured below is lightweight but big enough for things you want to hide. The bed is white with side drawers making it useful and easy to decorate with colorful pillows and throws, as opposed to committing to one duvet and pillow color scheme for who-knows-how-long.  Keeping large pieces like the bed and bedding simple allows for customizability based on personal style changes and trends.  Don’t wanna get stuck with a coral chevron duvet for all for years of college (We’ve all been there).

Remember when I said everything should have more than one use? Check out that bangin headboard.  It’s actually a rug! Invest in a good rug that will last you all through college. Rugs always make a school dorm or apartment feel like home whatever way they are being used!

Lastly, accessorize with small personal touches and it will make all the difference. When it comes to small dorm/apartment spaces personal style is easily expressed through the accessories since the large pieces typically need to fit a budget and double as storage. That being said, I think we’ve done a pretty solid job of finding stylish pieces big and small to fit the college student budget while staying stylish.

Good luck to all students on the upcoming semester! Stop by the shop and we will hook you up with your dream dorm/apartment decor on a budget.

Happy decorating!



Two Story storage – CB2 | Surplus Stool – CB2 | Sari Pillow – CB2 | Flower Cushion – Ikea | Purple Cushion – Ikea | Diamond Rug – Dash and Albert | Woven Hanging Tapestry – Etsy | Stowaway Bed – CB2 | Storage Bench – Ikea | Baskets – Ikea | Cedarwood and Vanilla Candle – Sydney Hale Co. | Aloe Vera Plant – Ikea | Nesting Tables – CB2