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Pro File: Kelly LaPlante of Trove Market on New Adventures

When Kelly LaPlante calls, I am all ears. We reconnected back in 2007 just as I was finishing up my degree in interior design. We hadn’t seen each other since we were children–we are cousins or second cousins rather and I happened to visit her mother with my parents, who informed me Kelly was an… Continue Reading

Design a Healthy Holiday

The winter holidays are a wonderful time of  year… but we all know that they can also be stressful. Join us for an evening at Coveted Home with holistic nutritionist Abbi Miller to learn how to set and maintain healthy diet and lifestyle goals throughout the holiday season. When? Wednesday, October 14th – Where? Coveted Home 610… Continue Reading

Stay Gold with Coveted Home

It’s autumn! In Kansas City, the trees are still green, but soon, they will turn red, brown, and gold. It’s a magical time of year! The changing colors, falling leaves, sweater weather, fires, and pumpkin spice; it’s easy to see why fall is America’s favorite season. Each new season is an opportunity to reevaluate our… Continue Reading

Coveted Home + The Bloom Academy

One of the best parts about being located in KC is the abundance of talented, creative folks who call this city home. Not to mention, a community that fully supports the movers, shakers, and makers who are helping to shape this city into one of the best cities to live in the U.S.. What do pretty… Continue Reading

All About the Mix – Eclectic Interiors

“Variety is the spice of life.” You’ve doubtless heard this old saw before, and here at the shop, we are advocates of this philosophy, especially when it comes to putting together a room. Have you ever walked into an otherwise well-designed space, only to be underwhelmed by the visual interest the room conveys? Us too.… Continue Reading

From My Coveted Home to Yours

Hashtags are a funny thing. I used to avoid them but now that I understand their purpose better (to be able to find people and pictures easily containing subject matter that you are interested in) I find them much more enjoyable. I’ve found a few go-to tags that I love searching through on Instagram to… Continue Reading

What They Covet: Emily Brewer

Emily Brewer and her twin sister, Elizabeth, are local fashion bloggers. Their blog, Fashion Column Twins, features fashion tips, recipes, hair style ideas, interior inspiration, and more. They are lovely ladies and give great fashion tips – who knew one could wear a maternity dress to a wedding even while not pregnant and look adorable! Emily… Continue Reading

Interior Designer Discount Program

Coveted Home offers a wide range of high-quality furniture and accessory lines. Qualified interior design professionals are invited to become members of Coveted Home’s interior designer discount program. As a member, you will have access to our lines and our exclusive designer discounts and services. We work with interior designers, on projects large or small,… Continue Reading

Wedding Registry at Coveted Home

The best wedding gifts are the ones that stand the test of time; the ones you will use and enjoy year after year. It can be an arduous task to decide which gifts will really enrich your lives and which ones will be taking up space, collecting dust, only to eventually be donated to charity.… Continue Reading

Join Our Team: Seeking Part-Time Associate

Want to join the Coveted Home team? We are hiring for the position of Sales Associate. We are looking to hire someone who will blend right in with us. We like to keep it casual and fun while maintaining a professional atmosphere. This is a part-time position and availability to work weekends is a must. A brief description… Continue Reading