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Loved; Naturally

Natural elements; hide rugs, rattan chairs, succulents + fiddly figs, tibetan fur. It seems like lately you could spot one, two, or all of these items in a featured space. For good reason. What if we omitted the notion that nature was welcome indoors? The basic fundamentals of design would crumble like poorly constructed pillars… Continue Reading

You’re Invited: Open House August 21st!

We are excited to announce our next open house at the shop! We will be keeping our doors open till 7pm on August 21st so you can stop and peruse our fall arrivals including some fantastic furniture and accessories from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ latest collection and much more! Let us help you design… Continue Reading

Fabric, Colors & Patterns, Oh My!

In a world where white seems to be dominating the design scene (even partially in my own home)  this blast of color from the design genius, Peter Dunham, makes me want to ditch my neutrals and go for it. I’ve been a big fan of Mr. Dunham since I first heard of his shop, Hollywood at… Continue Reading

[Hand] Paint the Town

When you think of wallpaper, hand painted is probably not the first thing you think of. I mean, thats crazy right? Well that is exactly what the duo behind Porter Teleo does–hand paint paper and fabric for gorgeous interior installations. Kelly Porter, an artist and Bridgett Cochran, an interior designer, collaborated 10 years ago using… Continue Reading

Ode to Throw Pillows

A constant comfort for both mind and body: Throw Pillows.  For me, they satisfy my almost bi-annual compulsion to change everything.  I’ve finally found that if I just change the vibe of my throw pillows, that dangerous and expensive compulsion is satisfied. The beauty of throw pillows is the amount of customizability.  Your personal style… Continue Reading

Back to School: Apartment & Dorm Decor

The summer is coming to a close and I am getting ready to back to head back to school.  Though I am more than upset to leave Coveted Home, I decided to focus on the sweeter side of the bittersweet end and use the knowledge I’ve gained here at the shop to create a rough, but… Continue Reading

Opening up to Open Shelving

Typically, I delight in having everything ‘out of sight, out of mind’ especially when it comes to the kitchen.  Items taking up precious counter space genuinely stresses me out. But, I increasingly adore my dish-wear collection.  I believe a collection of dishes, glasses and mugs can hold the same sentimentality and aesthetic enhancement for a home as any… Continue Reading

Summer Beach Vibes

It is an unfortunate fact that we live in a landlocked world that is Kansas City. As much as I love my hometown, lazy days at the beach call to me especially during the summer months. Aside from the watermelon cocktails and clam bakes my daydreams tend to consist of, I can picture open air… Continue Reading

Introducing Young in the Mountains

Mornings that begin with delivery truck greetings are guaranteed to be wonderful days. Like on Christmas, we frantically tear through boxes to reveal highly anticipated new inventory. Instead of Hallmark cards, we read shipping invoices. No bows; just bubble wrap. It’s not fancy, but man, a day that starts out with box cutters and cardboard… Continue Reading

Lighten Up

It’s no secret. We love what we do. And we may love our new tops from local designer, Tara Light, almost as much. Mine: a cotton voile peplum with just enough “boxy” and the perfect amount of style. My go-to summer shirt. Jaclyn’s: a peachy swing top that begs to be twirled. And she does.… Continue Reading