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Blue & White Home Decor

There is something about the combination of blue and white… it’s light, joyful, and downright gorgeous. Maybe it comes from a natural inclination to love the colors that are in the sky and water. Whatever the reason, we are a little obsessed with this combo and want to share some of our favorite blue and white pieces for your home.


Decorating with blue and white is easy. We carry many lovely blue and white home accents. We recently received a shipment of gorgeous blue and white woven baskets. The color combination is subtle and the woven baskets are perfect for adding texture to a room. And they are practical. We also have pillows and textiles, and some curated vintage decor for your home.


A. Striped Ceramic Planters  B. Blue + White Box C. Striped Bubble Vases D. Uteki Pillow  E. Meiro Pillow F. Blue Woven Bowls G. Blue + White Ginger Jar  H. Prism Throw I. Ponti Cushion  J. Lidded Round Bowls 

Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their corresponding links. Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for more design inspiration.

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