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Naughty by Nature

As I scan the shop floor, there are only a handful of plants that have survived the unintentional neglect that they have received on my watch. Over the past year, I have killed several innocent shop plants including an adopted fern and one or two succulents of which I apparently thought were indestructible (they have taught me that even the most resilient lives can be cut short). Moral of the story: things need to change. No one else deserves to die.

You know things are serious when your colleagues are sending you links to various blogs/websites that have compiled lists of “Hard-to-Kill Houseplants”. From what I have read, here are the top three “HTK’s” that I can see living (or surviving) harmoniously at the shop.










































  1.  Aloe
  2. String of Pearls
  3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue


Featured image via Elle Decor Norway