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Snow White

This Midwest Winter has been a bitter one. It has been cold. It has been dry. It has been devoid of any major snowfall. Until now. We are currently reside under a thick blanket of snow (finally) which is reminding us that it IS only February and the idea of Spring is still just a pipe dream. I am okay with this. It has been inspiring to see everything covered in white.

White can easily brighten a space, expanding walls and creating comfort. A blank canvas that can, at times, look even more divine, left blank. White can be casual, clean while acting as a springboard for interior creativity by incorporating color and playing with textures. Honestly, it just makes us happy. And a smidge excited for another winter storm.



                               Shades of white, a hint of metallic, and fab view from Jaclyn’s Plaza apartment.

AJ_cosgrove_home_spaces5              A fresh take from the February issue of Spaces Magazine featuring Amy Jo Cosgrove’s family home.

Frances6Drawer               The Frances Collection shown in lacquered grass cloth (available for special order at the shop)

CharlotteSofaThe Charlotte Slipcovered Collection (available for special order at the shop).


                  The Mini Foo Dog Lamp from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps (available for special order at the shop).


                           The Ming Chest shown in White Lacquer (available for special order at the shop).


            One of our faves! The Major Chair in polished stainless steel (available for special order at the shop).

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Love at First Sight



Dear Home of Chris and A.J. Cosgove: Will you be our valentine?

To our team here at Coveted Home, this space was love at first sight! It’s featured in it’s entirety in the February issue of Spaces, and you simply have got to pick up a copy. A.J. is a longtime friend of Jaclyn’s and the store, and we were thrilled to see her beautiful home in the spotlight. We’re big fans of her warm, family-friendly modern style, the amazing Barbara Cosgrove lamps throughout and her impeccable taste in artwork. And that cow wallpaper? Don’t even get us started. Congratulations, A.J.!

P.S. If you’re looking for the February issue of Spaces, we have complimentary copies at the boutique!

All photographs from Spaces Magazine.

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Fall For Our Added Bonus

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams recently launched their Special Order Fall Event and we couldn’t be more excited! Now through October 7th, their whole line (excluding Love Programs as well as Stock Options Plus) is 20% off. Now is the perfect time for you to order that coveted piece like the Vega Cocktail Table or the stunning Claudette Sofa, their newest take on the always classic Chesterfield. But wait, there is more! Keep reading…


VegaCocktailTableADDED BONUS!!! Not only is the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sale going on at The Coveted Home, we have extended the promotion over to our other fabulous lines. Stop by the store today and start shopping!!!

20% off ALL special orders (any line carried at Coveted Home) over $500 now through October 7th.  

(No minimum required on MG+BW orders)

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High Point, Fall 2012

I missed the furniture market in High Point, North Carolina in the spring because it happened the very same weekend we opened the new Coveted Home shop. So I had not been in an whole year…and I missed it! Going this fall was a fantastic reunion trip–I got to see many old friends, meet new ones and the product finds for the store and design clients were off the charts. Following is a small sampling of what I saw…I was there for 5 days so I am really editing the photo selection here so this post doesn’t go on forever! 
Although I am not particularly looking for new lighting at the moment I found that I took a TON of photos of light fixtures– be it lamps, chandeliers or sconces. 
 I love these dramatically scaled floor lamps by Barbara Cosgrove.
 Rad sconce from Noir. Do people still say rad? It seemed to be the perfect description for this.
 Another fixture from Noir, not sure what it is made from but I like it.
 This blown glass bubble chandelier is new from Oly. I always love the dramatic animals they have as a backdrop to the gorgeous furniture.
 I didn’t take this photo so much for the lighting as for just how overall beautiful it is. 
(Oly showroom again)
 This may have been one of my favorite showrooms. The furniture line is called Central Station. It is beautifully hand crafted wood pieces that I can never get enough of. By themselves they are great, but in my opinion the real magic happened when the lighting by Notre Monde was added. And how adorable is it that this duo is dating?? (He makes the furniture, she the lighting)
 This light installation=spectacular
 This was my favorite setting at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom. I loved everything in it and it was all new: a new coffee table and side table collection of mixed wood tones, new rug, new lamps, new sofa and chairs with a full wood frame. 
 A quick snipit from the Cisco Brothers showroom. These pink pendants caught my attention, but seriously I love everything in there. 
 And then there was this showroom. Verellen. Flawless. It is expensive stuff but my god it is made to perfection–so increadably comfortable and beautiful.
I spent nearly an entire day looking at rugs. I have a newfound love for them and am happy to say I now have many more rug sources for design projects. But this one..oh my it was a beauty. A “khotan” style rug, I just learned the term at market and found I love this style, a lot. They look vintage because of the more faded appearance. This one was made in Afganistan. 

Great center piece for a table.
 Put an orchid or succulent in these and voila, beautiful! 
The last four images are from my friends showroom, Texture. They bring in one of a kind pieces, some old some new but all very rustic with a lot of “texture” to them: ) It is all sourced by the owners, Marietta and Patrick, in Indonesia. The last three images show some of the items I bought from them. These along with some other gorgeous items will be here in the shop very very soon!

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New Pretties!

October has been flying by! Over the past few weeks we have gotten in several new accessory items and I wanted to make a quick update here to showcase the beautiful new inventory.

Mini Foo Dog Lamps by Barbara Cosgrove.

 Bone inlay picture frames
Hand stamped brass vases and jugs
Bone inlay coasters

KS/MO State necklace by Janesko
New Hilary Thomas finials

 Watercolor prints with custom frames

We will be getting some new furniture in over the next few weeks as well. We hope you will come by and visit! Shop local and support small businesses! 
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We are Pinning…Hillary Thomas!

One of the new lines we picked up is The Finial Touch by Hillary Thomas Designs. The idea behind these beauties was to create “jewelry for your lamps”. They really are just that, most all of them I would totally put on a chain and hang around my neck. The naturally shaped stones come in a variety of hues and can completely revitalize a lamp. Here are some that we have in the shop, check out the clever names they were given!

 Back In Black
 Green Tangerine
 Heart of Gold
 Marrakesh Express
 Purple Haze
Riders on the Storm

Dream Weaver

We put the Dream Weaver finial on our Basket Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove, they compliment each other perfectly!