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Design and Cocktails in Cuba : Movements Blog

Beyond the Mambo, guitar strumming streets of Communism, Cuba hides one of the richest fields of design and interior inspiration. Earth tones merge naturally into bright pastels and woods and metals collide in a look that can only be called organic industrial.

Design elements throughout Cuba infuse native island culture, African sentiments and Spanish colonialism. All this and with a twist of Art Deco. What may appear gaudy on the surface, is far deeper and more charming in its depths and we’ve just begin to plunge into this extraordinary sea. We eagerly await for Cuban/American relations to soothe as more and more of the tiny Caribbean island comes into the spotlight

So pour yourself a Cuba Libre (recipe below) let the tunes flow* and dive into the world of Cuban design.

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Eyes to the Sky

It is my day off and I need to clean my closet out. I am procrastinating of course, but I have also procrastinated on making this blog post. So I guess the two cancel each other out.

It is often times noted by designers that the ceiling is an overlooked surface. I tend to agree. While not all spaces call for attention to the ceiling, for some spaces amping up the ceiling finish can really make all the difference in the room.

It was duly noted by me while on my recent trip to Istanbul, that they did not overlook the ceilings when building the mosques there hundreds of years ago. Every place I went I was amazed when I simply looked up.

 The Hagia Sophia ceiling
Second floor ceiling of Hagia Sophia
I love this photo. Taken from the 2nd floor of the Hagia Sophia you get a perspective on how huge and impressive the mosque is. Also I love how all the chandeliers below look like they are floating. 
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better know as The Blue Mosque

 Blue Mosque
Not a ceiling, but this photo of the Blue Mosque at night is pretty and I wanted to share. 
 This is one of my favorites. It was inside of a less popular mosque near the Blue Mosque and I did not record the name unfortunately. 
 Same mosque as the one above.
Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel
Translate this into modern day design and what do you get? 
Painted ceilings…
Wallpapered ceilings…
Fancy molding on ceilings…

Be creative and tell me, what will you do with your ceilings?
All Istanbul images are my own, the last 3 photos are from Better Homes & Gardens and Houzz.