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Fall Essentials and the Brands You Should Know

Changes are brewing, summer to autumn. Patio’s, picnics and falling into piles of leaves. Who’s ready for fall! We’re here to equip you with the right tools to make the best of this coming season: Luscious apothecary to keep your skin soft and smooth, whimsical baskets, rings for yo’ finga’s and salts for the soaking. Plus a ton of sage and incense for those late night incantations.  Continue reading Fall Essentials and the Brands You Should Know

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Curated Collection: Ystad Metall Sweden


As proponents of incorporating choice vintage into both the shop and our own homes, we especially enjoy learning more about the origins of the vintage objects and ephemera that catch our eye and, sometimes, reappear time and again in our antiquing and sourcing adventures. We also adore a good backstory. Take, for instance, the Swedish firm AB Ystad’s Metallindustri, which began in Sweden in 1833 and came to produce some of the most notable designs in bronze and brass home accessories of the twentieth century.

Eventually, the firm’s name was changed to Ystad-Metall, and it was during the decades before and after World War II that some of the most iconic of the firm’s designs were developed. In the late 1930’s, Ivar Ålenius-Björk (1905-1978) designed what would become the company’s most iconic and timeless product, the “Liljan” candlestick, for the 1939 World’s Fair, depicting a stylized pair of lily leaves that rather stylishly hold a taper candle. Using old-world techniques and craftsmanship to produce decidedly modern objet, Ystad employed some of the era’s most prolific and talented Swedish product designers. Other notable artisans of the era included Gunnar Ander, who also developed iconic lighting for the firm.

While somewhat rare to find, it is always a delight to be able to offer our clients a curated and covetable selection, and we currently have several of the most iconic pieces from the firm available in-store, including the aforementioned “Liljan” candlesticks, Ålenius-Björk’s iconic tubular vase resembling a skyscraper, Gunnar Ander’s sharp and minimalist star-shaped candlesticks, as well as his famous flower-form miniature candlesticks, and a rather rare bronze catch-all dish depicting a rearing horse.  To view our entire collection visit the store or click here. 

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Client work: Kitchen & Living Room Makeover

Welcome to our latest project reveal! This was a fun project for many reasons. The house is a beautiful old ranch-style with some really neat details. However over time, previous homeowners made renovations that were less than congruent with the style of the house and totally out of date. But luckily my client was ready to bring a fresh look to the interior, one that would honor the original style of the house. 

We chose KC Home Solutions to carry out the renovations and my client and I couldn’t have been happier with their work. Top notch work done in a timely manner is hard to come by these days, but these guys deliver just that. 

A few “Before” photos so you can see where we started.

All “After” photos by Sarah Sweeney

Design by Jaclyn Joslin of Coveted Home

Styling by Jaclyn Joslin & Addison Ford, both of Coveted Home

living room makeover

Panelled walls in the living room and beams on the ceiling (providing no structural support) made the room feel dark and small, even though it is actually quite a large room! The wood floors were very rustic, country looking and part of the kitchen where the sink and stove are had a very unattractive vinyl on the floor. And don’t get me started on those kitchen cabinet colors, yikes! 

living room makeover


living room makeover

living room makeover

living room makeover


living room makeover

I’m not sure what compelled the previous owners to put that stone on the wall because when we tore it out there was beautiful white brick underneath, all it needed was a fresh coat of paint. 


living room makeover

living room makeover

living room makeover

living room makeover

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A Swoon Worthy Space in the East Village

This New York apartment pulls at our heartstrings to the fullest extent. So many vintage pieces to love in Taylor Fimbrez and Wesley Moon’s 650 square foot home. Seriously, the amount of eye candy is spectacularly overwhelming and equally as inspiring. The fact that nearly everything in the apartment came from a thrift store, eBay or Craigslist is beyond impressive.

Sharing this amazing space is fitting with our recent opening of Coveted Home Flea. By shopping our Flea, your home could also look like a haven for all things vintage. Coveted Home Flea is open every Thursday thru Saturday during regular business hours or you can always shop our vintage finds online.

living room 9 living room 7 detail 3

Can you believe that the painting in the kitchen came with the apartment? It is perfect. And Taylor and Wes’ textile game is ridiculous with their wall hangings in both the living room as well as their bedroom.

kitchen 5 bedroom 2 bedroom 3

Taylor & Wes (with dogs Squid & Marbles)

portrait 3

This home feature was originally posted via Apartment Therapy. Image credits: Nancy Mitchell; Taylor Fimbrez.

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Handmade Clutches and Bags

We love a great handmade purse and we love helping other women succeed. That’s why we carry Mercado Global’s handmade clutches and bags. They are beautifully designed, functional pieces, and the company is built around the philosophy of helping female artisans get ahead in life and work.


When you buy a Mercado Global bag, you’re not just buying a beautiful accessory. You’re also helping empower women in developing countries. Mercado Global shares details on their website about why, how, and where the bags are made. We love knowing the story behind our products.


We are most well-known for our home decor and furniture selection, but we also have a curated collection of handmade clutches and bags. We currently have a selection of clutches, handbags, shoulder bags, and pouches from Mercado Global and Tracey Tanner.


Tracy Tanner is a Brooklyn based designer and maker of handmade leather wallets, pouches, cosmetic bags and handbags. Her leather goods are simple, yet stunning. We just can’t get enough of them! Her Cobalt Travel Bag is one our favorites.


A few more of our favorite handmade bags from Mercado Global

The Rosa Tote



The Micaela Tote

BlackPurse IMG_7841

All items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.



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Blue & White Home Decor

There is something about the combination of blue and white… it’s light, joyful, and downright gorgeous. Maybe it comes from a natural inclination to love the colors that are in the sky and water. Whatever the reason, we are a little obsessed with this combo and want to share some of our favorite blue and white pieces for your home.


Decorating with blue and white is easy. We carry many lovely blue and white home accents. We recently received a shipment of gorgeous blue and white woven baskets. The color combination is subtle and the woven baskets are perfect for adding texture to a room. And they are practical. We also have pillows and textiles, and some curated vintage decor for your home.


A. Striped Ceramic Planters  B. Blue + White Box C. Striped Bubble Vases D. Uteki Pillow  E. Meiro Pillow F. Blue Woven Bowls G. Blue + White Ginger Jar  H. Prism Throw I. Ponti Cushion  J. Lidded Round Bowls 

Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their corresponding links. Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for more design inspiration.

As always, let us help you design your life.

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A Feminine Take on “The Cave”

It is safe to say that most of us are familiar with the term “man cave”. It is defined as “a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of the household”. This designated area is reserved for only the male species to “do as they please” like a caveman. Women find this idea of a segregated space mysterious yet equally as intriguing. Why AND why not? What if we had a similar area of the shared home where men were unable or unwilling to inhabit? As challenging as it may be to envision, we believe our “woman cave” would look something like this. Masculine tones mixed with soft, feminine accents. A place for drink, play, and relaxation. Items not shown: pinball machine (is there a Sex and the City version?), a life size poster of Leonardo DiCaprio and the complete collection of E.L James novels.

WomanCaveLinked1. Spanish Model Oil Painting​ | 2. Ralph Lauren Wicker Chairs​ | 3. 1970’s Expressionist Watercolor​ | 4. Adana Throw in Mint + Gold​ | 5. Eve Sofa | 6. White Pixel Peace Corps Hamper​ | 7. Coral Silk Velvet Pillow 16”x16”​ | 8. Ramiz Pillow 20”x20″ | 9. Hans Wegner “Style” Counter Stools​ | 10. Wabash High Dining Table ​| 11. Bennett Coffee Table

Our inspiration subconsciously stemmed from our recent launch of Coveted Home Flea, a curated collection of vintage and reclaimed home accessories. We are currently coveting Murano glass in jewel tones, Spanish pottery, and all things Danish. Items featured below are available to purchase in-store and online at Coveted Home.



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Decorating with the Pantone Color of the Year 2016

It’s interesting how culture and design are reflected in the Pantone Color of the Year. If you love design as much as we do, you have probably already heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year picks. That’s right, we said pick-S! The Pantone Color of the Year is not one, but a blending of two colors.  They have chosen two soft pastels: “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity”. Pantone says, “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.” We think Pantone’s choices are spot on. A quick scroll through our Pinterest page shows that we’ve been enjoying a lot of pastel eye-candy over the past few months. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite decorating ideas for incorporating “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” in your home.

jaf100_1_Suminagashi Glass Box $60

RoseBedRose Linens 

SerenityBedSerenity Bedroom

PastelsColorful Eclectic Pastel 

PinkSofaSoft Pink Sofa

BlueDoorBlue Door and Linens

PastelRugPerfect Pastel Combo Rug

pontiPonti Cushion

All items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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Curated: Vegan Taxidermy

Taxidermy has been around for centuries. Its recent revival as an interior design trend has found many fans and detractors alike. The ethical and moral debate over using once living animals as home decor is not one we take lightly at Coveted Home. Quite simply, we love animals! Some of us feel comfortable owning vintage taxidermy but wouldn’t dream of purchasing a new specimen. Some are ok with using ethically sourced hides or specimens. Others think the whole taxidermy thing is wrong and wouldn’t dream of owning any formerly living creatures. One thing that we can agree on is faux or vegan taxidermy. Faux taxidermy pays homage to the beautiful animals that we adore without causing any animals harm. The vegan taxidermy movement has been around for a while, so we’ve rounded up a few of our new favorites.

772b8834793d090dd0e48746d803d85bPaper Mache via

zebra_rug_largeCanvas Zera “hide” via 

3217232_z Brass Heron lamp via

Walrus_fda1c638-765f-4722-a9b5-af5bfa112566_1024x1024Paper Walrus via

il_570xN.725619642_6ri7Black Resin Bison Head via

Okita3Textile Moth via

Crane_16de04af-108c-4755-af24-40a3040c54b9_1024x1024Paper White Crane via

1824962_lBrass Elephant Head via

Top image via

Follow our “Curated” collections on the blog to see some of our favorite interior design and home design trends. Most items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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Inspired Spaces – KC Royals

Take the crown!

We love Kansas City and are thrilled and proud that the Royals will be playing the World Series! The post-season was a nail-biter, but the team (and the whole city) never gave up hope. In honor of our boys in blue, we are celebrating with a Royals inspired curated collection. We’ve selected blue and gold furniture and home accessories to create a sporty, yet chic room. Whatever your interests or passions are, we’re here to help you make your space your own. 

Royals Curated.

  1. Indigo Dot Art
  2. Elias Sofa
  3. Strokes Cotton Pillow
  4. Labyrinth Citrine Pillow 
  5. Antique Persian Tabriz Rug
  6. Kansas City Print
  7. Stella Bench
  8. Nila Mix Napkin Set
  9. Stiles Brothers Leather Baseball Glove Sofa
  10. Royals Throw