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Client work: Kitchen & Living Room Makeover

Welcome to our latest project reveal! This was a fun project for many reasons. The house is a beautiful old ranch-style with some really neat details. However over time, previous homeowners made renovations that were less than congruent with the style of the house and totally out of date. But luckily my client was ready to bring a… Continue Reading

A Swoon Worthy Space in the East Village

This New York apartment pulls at our heartstrings to the fullest extent. So many vintage pieces to love in Taylor Fimbrez and Wesley Moon’s 650 square foot home. Seriously, the amount of eye candy is spectacularly overwhelming and equally as inspiring. The fact that nearly everything in the apartment came from a thrift store, eBay… Continue Reading

Handmade Clutches and Bags

We love a great handmade purse and we love helping other women succeed. That’s why we carry Mercado Global’s handmade clutches and bags. They are beautifully designed, functional pieces, and the company is built around the philosophy of helping female artisans get ahead in life and work. When you buy a Mercado Global bag, you’re… Continue Reading

Blue & White Home Decor

There is something about the combination of blue and white… it’s light, joyful, and downright gorgeous. Maybe it comes from a natural inclination to love the colors that are in the sky and water. Whatever the reason, we are a little obsessed with this combo and want to share some of our favorite blue and… Continue Reading

A Feminine Take on “The Cave”

It is safe to say that most of us are familiar with the term “man cave”. It is defined as “a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of the household”. This designated area is reserved for only the male species to “do as they please”… Continue Reading

Decorating with the Pantone Color of the Year 2016

It’s interesting how culture and design are reflected in the Pantone Color of the Year. If you love design as much as we do, you have probably already heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year picks. That’s right, we said pick-S! The Pantone Color of the Year is not one, but a blending of two colors.… Continue Reading

Curated: Vegan Taxidermy

Taxidermy has been around for centuries. Its recent revival as an interior design trend has found many fans and detractors alike. The ethical and moral debate over using once living animals as home decor is not one we take lightly at Coveted Home. Quite simply, we love animals! Some of us feel comfortable owning vintage… Continue Reading

Inspired Spaces – KC Royals

Take the crown! We love Kansas City and are thrilled and proud that the Royals will be playing the World Series! The post-season was a nail-biter, but the team (and the whole city) never gave up hope. In honor of our boys in blue, we are celebrating with a Royals inspired curated collection. We’ve selected… Continue Reading

Stay Gold with Coveted Home

It’s autumn! In Kansas City, the trees are still green, but soon, they will turn red, brown, and gold. It’s a magical time of year! The changing colors, falling leaves, sweater weather, fires, and pumpkin spice; it’s easy to see why fall is America’s favorite season. Each new season is an opportunity to reevaluate our… Continue Reading

Chinoiserie: Curated

We love mixing and matching styles, finishes, and patterns; it keeps things interesting! Our goal is to help you design your home in a way that feels organic and natural rather than artificial – forced. Jaclyn’s portfolio and the Coveted Home shop are confirmation of our inclination to choose elements that work in harmony with one… Continue Reading


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