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Are You Coming? Drinks, Bites, Oh, and over $500 in Giveaways with Interior Define

interior define kansas city

Hey… are you coming?

Just want to make sure you received our invite to the Interior Define Pop Up.
Would love to see you.
Thursday, August 9th 5-7pm
And if the $500+ in door prizes isn’t your thing then just pop in and introduce yourself.
(more details on door prizes coming next week!)
With gratitude,
Jaclyn + Nicholas + Addison + Simone

Oh, you’re still here
Have you heard about our newest featured Styling Services

interior define kansas city

In Home Styling Session $450

The final touches to a room can be the hardest to accomplish but can also make the biggest impact. We have found that many people underestimate the effect properly placed art, accessories and lighting will make. Perhaps you have a built in shelving unit that has left you perplexed, so it sits empty with a few misplaced books and photo frames? We have the perfect solution to get your home through the final decorating phase, for those of you in the Kansas City area, we can help you rearrange your furniture and get your space dialed in with all the finishing touches to make it come to life.

For more information or to schedule your styling session please email #styledbycovetedhome  *$450 includes 1-2 rooms, larger projects will be assessed for additional fees

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DwellStudio at Coveted Home

We are excited to officially announce our newest upholstery line at Coveted Home – DwellStudio. DwellStudio was founded in 2000 by Christiane Lemieux. DwellStudio started as a unique and modern textile company but has expanded their brand to include home accessories and furnishings. Coveted Home carries some of their home accessories, but we are especially pleased to offer DwellStudio furniture. We’re very impressed with the  furniture’s quality and style, and so are our clients. We want to share with you a few of the reasons why we adore this upholstery line and some of our favorite pieces.

Why we love DwellStudio furniture

  1. They look gorgeous
  2. They are high-quality pieces
  3. The fabric options are varied (but not overwhelming) and awesome
  4. The prices are beyond reasonable

People commonly ask if DwellStudio (yes, it’s all one word) is related to Dwell Magazine. While they both revolve around modern interiors, they are not related or owned by the same company.

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Stay Gold with Coveted Home

It’s autumn! In Kansas City, the trees are still green, but soon, they will turn red, brown, and gold. It’s a magical time of year! The changing colors, falling leaves, sweater weather, fires, and pumpkin spice; it’s easy to see why fall is America’s favorite season.

Each new season is an opportunity to reevaluate our homes and make practical and aesthetic changes. In the summer, I put away my rugs and extra textiles, it seems to help the house feel cooler and more relaxing. In the fall, I bring out my textiles, so we have them on hand in case we get chilly. Many people like to celebrate autumn by changing their home accessories. But, you don’t have to go pumpkin crazy or hang up scarecrows and skeletons to honor the harvest season. Adding a few gold accents can help bring the fall spirit indoors. Gold can make your home feel warm and cozy (a must, on those chilly fall evenings). Whatever your style, we carry a range of gold home accessories that can give your home an autumnal vibe.



  1. Vine Gold Leaf Dish 205.00
  2. Hataguchi Stationery – Gold Dots 22.00
  3. Tom Dixon Mirror Ball 490.00
  4. Devore Metallic Gold on Beige Cowhide Rug 599.00
  5. Lewitt Gold Objet 60.0
  6. Rosemary Nesting Tables 2550.00 
  7. Spirit Object 125.00
  8. Cowhide Pillow – Gold Accents 120.00
  9. Starburst Sculptures 50.00-93.00
  10. Gold Bistro Chair 75.00

Stay Gold with Coveted Home.  Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their corresponding links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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Parisian Perfection

nuevoestilo-tagomago1 nuevoestilo-tagomago2nuevoestilo-tagomago6nuevoestilo-tagomago4 nuevoestilo-tagomago13

European spaces have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. Is it the classic architectural details? Is it the way they’re able to mix modern and traditional? Their minimalist luxe sensibility? I can’t be exactly sure… but I want it. This particular apartment above belongs to two gallery owners. Get this: their home ALSO serves as their gallery. Yes, clients visit them at home and purchase pieces directly off their walls (hence the fantastic art). But back on topic, I think the secret to this home is the white walls (and their beautiful crown molding) and the pops of colorful minimalist furniture. I can see Mitchell Gold + Bob William’s Major Chair or Draper Chair fitting right in. The same goes for Currey & Co.’s Drayton Desk Lamp (we have the floor lamp version here in the shop) and Arterior’s Eakin Table. Are you feeling inspired yet?

I hope to come across many more beautiful European homes in 2014. Even if I can’t have one, they never cease to get my creative thought process going : )

Photos via Desire to Inspire


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Snow White

This Midwest Winter has been a bitter one. It has been cold. It has been dry. It has been devoid of any major snowfall. Until now. We are currently reside under a thick blanket of snow (finally) which is reminding us that it IS only February and the idea of Spring is still just a pipe dream. I am okay with this. It has been inspiring to see everything covered in white.

White can easily brighten a space, expanding walls and creating comfort. A blank canvas that can, at times, look even more divine, left blank. White can be casual, clean while acting as a springboard for interior creativity by incorporating color and playing with textures. Honestly, it just makes us happy. And a smidge excited for another winter storm.



                               Shades of white, a hint of metallic, and fab view from Jaclyn’s Plaza apartment.

AJ_cosgrove_home_spaces5              A fresh take from the February issue of Spaces Magazine featuring Amy Jo Cosgrove’s family home.

Frances6Drawer               The Frances Collection shown in lacquered grass cloth (available for special order at the shop)

CharlotteSofaThe Charlotte Slipcovered Collection (available for special order at the shop).


                  The Mini Foo Dog Lamp from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps (available for special order at the shop).


                           The Ming Chest shown in White Lacquer (available for special order at the shop).


            One of our faves! The Major Chair in polished stainless steel (available for special order at the shop).

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Stripe Tease | Interior Design Kansas City


Now that the holidays are over (can’t imagine that I speak only for myself when I say that I couldn’t be more pleased…) and the new year is fast approaching, I’m looking for fresh ways to liven up my little studio apartment. I think black and white cabana stripes could be the answer. Something about this classic print makes everything around it look clean and new and incredibly stylish. If I could, I’d totally recover my modern lounge chair in black + white stripe upholstery fabric (see last image). Until I can do so, I settled for a few stripe throw pillows : ) How do you incorporate stripes into your home?

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What to expect from the unexpected.

Color inspiration found on Pinterest.

     Let me introduce myself. My name is Melanie Clouser. I am the new Creative Director at Coveted Home. And I love it here.

I consider myself unconventional. Proudly atypical. And my path to acquiring the position of Creative Director at Coveted Home was just that. With that being said, I also consider myself very lucky. Although I am still getting settled, I have never felt so completely impassioned, excited, and eager to grow like I do with Coveted Home. As most of you know already, I had an amazing mentor to help me transition into the role. It was bittersweet to see Amanda move to Portland last month. I looked forward to being the new Creative Director, but I also grew very fond of Amanda and I did not want to see her go. I am thankful for the time she spent with me so that when the time came to “pass the torch”, it felt seamless.

What an extraordinary feeling to love your job. I have already established such a sense of ownership to Coveted Home. When I am not working, I am still working, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that! Jaclyn’s vision is contagious. Not only is my background in Retail Merchandising, but I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, so naturally, I am a strong believer in self-expression through design. That personal space should mirror individual style without sacrificing comfort or quality. The first time I walked into Coveted Home, I could tell that Jaclyn was wanting to convey that exact approach to her customers.

Immediately after I became a part of this store, I started to reflect on my own personal style. What does my space say about who I am as an individual? Am I representing myself appropriately? Am I telling a story, and if so, are people listening? I contemplated on what truly inspires me by using tools like Pinterest and Houzz. I sifted through numerous issues of every major home furnishings magazine to get a solid feel of what my eye initially is drawn to. What I had concluded to was not surprising, nor would it shock anyone who knows me well. I am intrigued by the unexpected. I revel in contrast and differing forms. To marry unlikely objects that would otherwise never meet. This is my “style compass”. I will let it guide me as I begin this new and thrilling endeavor at Coveted Home.

Living room found on Houzz. Love the overlapping prints on the walls.

Bedroom inspiration found on Houzz. I am a sucker for tufting.


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Special Order Sale


It is finally starting to warm up around here and it is time for the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Spring Special Order Event! Now through May 5th any special order including custom upholstery, coffee tables, side tables, lamps and rugs is 20% off.

We offer free in store consultations on furniture and fabric selections, just bring in some photos of your room. We are here to help you design your life!

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Fun with Olioboard

I’ve been using a new website called Olioboard to put together mood boards for clients. Since I have zero skills when it comes to photo shop or any other graphic design program, this site is my new best friend. Previously it was really challenging for me to gather images of specific pieces, inspiration ideas, colors or patterns and play with them together in a simple format online. With Olioboard I can upload my own images, put them in a space and see how they mingle together. You can even build rooms with architectural features, which I have not yet graduated to, but plan on learning soon!

Here is a board I recently put together for a client. She has a dark brown, semi-contemporary leather sofa that needed to be incorporated into the room. However when I spied on her Pinterest page (another great tool I use to get a sense of a clients style), all of the images she had pinned were of light colored, tufted sofas. All of the rooms she seemed to like were light in color and feeling, leaning towards a modern day approach to traditional or classic styles.

My solution was to incorporate dark and light elements throughout the room to play off what we were starting with and her current day preferences. Dark sofa/light chairs. The coffee table selection is perfect: a two tone wood, dark on top/light on bottom (from MG+BW here). Light console & media cabinet/dark lamps on top. Spallittaliving2

The walls were already painted a very pretty, neutral greige (color chip behind the sofa on the left) and I think the color fits perfectly into the design. She also already had a rug that is a beige background with a blue pattern. I picked up the blue in the pillows and the artwork. I love how this turned out and can’t wait to see it come to life!

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Catching Up, Part 1

November was a very hectic month for me. Between volunteering for this years DIFFA event, Holidays by Design, appearing on television, having 2 Thanksgiving dinners, hosting an Open House at Coveted Home and going to a really amazing wedding…well lets just say I was pretty taxed.

I have fully recuperated and am ready to tackle the month of December! But first I want to extend a big Thank You to my fabulous employees and family who always take care of me and the shop when I am over extended, you are all so appreciated by me. 

The first event of November was our Holiday Open House with a special trunk show with our friend and featured jewelry artist, Sara Cramer. Sara’s jewelry is handmade and she imports the glass beads from Japan. Her look is modern and unique, with hints of funk and glamour at the same time.

Customers perused the jewelry offerings
Amanda, Sara and myself

Our friend Addie, who tried as many pieces of Sara’s jewelry as she could fit!
My sister Amanda, who is also the Creative Director at Coveted Home happens to be an entertaining maven. She seriously rivals the likes of Martha Stewart. I rely on her to pull these types of parties off without a hitch. She knows just what kind of apps, drinks, flowers, music and entertainment to combine together for a no-fail, good time. 
Amanda’s champagne and pomegranate punch

A heart felt thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends who stopped by to enjoy this day with us!