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What They Covet / Karrie Kaneda from Happy Habitat

This week we sit down for a chat with Karrie Kaneda, owner and designer of Happy Habitat:  a line of eco-friendly throw blankets. We absolutely adore her work, both as an environmentalist and a fellow Midwest designer (Karrie is a local Kansas Citian!).

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we have.  

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Design and Cocktails in Cuba : Movements Blog

Beyond the Mambo, guitar strumming streets of Communism, Cuba hides one of the richest fields of design and interior inspiration. Earth tones merge naturally into bright pastels and woods and metals collide in a look that can only be called organic industrial.

Design elements throughout Cuba infuse native island culture, African sentiments and Spanish colonialism. All this and with a twist of Art Deco. What may appear gaudy on the surface, is far deeper and more charming in its depths and we’ve just begin to plunge into this extraordinary sea. We eagerly await for Cuban/American relations to soothe as more and more of the tiny Caribbean island comes into the spotlight

So pour yourself a Cuba Libre (recipe below) let the tunes flow* and dive into the world of Cuban design.

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On Trend: Global Textiles

If there is one trend that I am loving, it is the use of global prints in textiles for the home, fashion and art.

I am not a formal person. I would go so far as to say I live an informal life. This spills over in the designs I create. Someone once said of me: “If you are looking for frou-frou, keep looking,” and they were right. I really love creating comfortable and casual yet beautiful rooms.

One thing I try to squeeze into almost every design is some sort of global element. It keeps the room from looking too matchy or stuffy and creates a layered and collected vibe. And I just love the casual and relaxed feeling these prints lend to a design.

Global textiles have been popular in interiors for some time now. Designers such as John Robshaw have built entire lines around global textiles and have been successful at doing so.
The patterns can appeal to applications in fashion and the home. Pillows, shower curtains and window treatments all look stunning in global textiles.

But the prints lend themselves well to fashion also. From bags to robes to shoes, the application is interesting and mixes well with solids and even other prints. For someone scared of color or wanting to keep a neutral color palate, using a global pattern in a neutral color can really add dimension and interest to a design.

In a recent House Beautiful article, Robshaw said, “Global textiles appeal to so many people — they’re fun, you don’t tire of them and they bring dimension to your life.” My sentiments exactly.

Read more here:

 First 2 images taken by Roy Inman for the KC Star. First image of the Lauralee chair by Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams in a global print called ikat. Second image of more MG+BW globally inspired fabrics.

 Remaining photos are my own.

 John Robshaw Duffle Bag & Dopp Kit sporting global prints
Some of my favorite global prints on pillows we currently have at the shop.
The above article was written by Jaclyn Joslin for the KC Star Magazine.