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Why We’re Obsessed With Color Clashing: Bring on the Brave, the Bold!

“I love the fact that we’re becoming bolder with pattern and color,” says Graham & Brown designer Paula Taylor. “This year’s softer pastel palette works beautifully on the new geometrics, conveying a more feminine edge to a masculine style — particularly if you add a little metallic highlight.”

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Summer Lovin’

We’re sharing some Summer Lovin’ with a few of our favorite summer images 

It’s the middle of summer, and it’s hot and humid! But we’re trying to stay positive and be grateful for this warm, wonderful season. In an effort to “soak” in all the great things about summer, we headed over to Pinterest to roundup a few of our favorite summer images. Really, other than the unbearable heat, the kids being out of school, and the bugs, summer is awesome! It’s the perfect time to travel, catch up with family and friends, and drink lots of cold beverages. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good pool day? Living in a temperate climate has its challenges. However, it can also be amazing. Nothing makes you appreciate 12 feet of snow more than a 90 degree day. Soon it will be winter again, and we’ll look back at these dog days of summer with longing.

outdoor showerHello, outdoor shower!

48e622268fa9ce09c868d8944467898eHow great are these summer colors?

summer images poolThis great Pool Scene has us dreaming of taking a cool dip…

2016-05-05_0005Um… Gold Pineapple Cake (need we say more?)

WatermelonsaladIf it wasn’t for summer, we wouldn’t have Watermelon salad

Top pool image

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Be sure to stop by our nice, air-conditioned shop to view our summer selection and new clearance items. Share your favorite summer images with us @covetedhome

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Shelfie Help!

We have all seen this new fangled word popping up on social media: shelfie. Shelves not only have their own vocabulary, they have and are currently the “must need” to showcase meticulously curated vintage collections mixed delicately with plants and/or books. We are suckers for a good shelfie!! The best part about collecting is being able to beautifully display whatever suits your fancy, right? We have rounded up a variety of shelfies from our Pinterest Board and picked out some of our favorite corresponding accessories in our Shop that would effortlessly fit into each inspiring shot. Which one is your favorite?

Natural + Organic: Focus on a neutral palette with hints of muted color. Using natural materials like wood and stone can really build up the texture. The organic nature of hand built accessories is key to this shelfie.



Shop Accessories: (1) Large Ceramic Vase (2) Kohinoor Rosewood Candlesticks (3) Studio Pottery Wall Mirror

Bold + Balanced: With a mostly white palate, bold patterns and bright green plants just pop from the setting. Incorporate a few handwoven accessories plus a structured pottery piece or two to brake up a great book collection.



Shop Accessories: (1) Acacia Planter w/ Dish (2) Italian Martino Vase (3) Handwoven Zig Zag Planter

Color Blocked + Quirky Collectables: With a heavy focus on geometric patterns and bold color combinations, this shelfie is fun and full of eye candy. Casually throw in an unusual figurine or two with your hand built pottery pieces. Like a banana for instance?



Shop Accessories: (1) Handmade Folk Art Owl (2) Striped Bubble Vases (3) Kenji Fujita Coffee Carafe

Functional + Rustic: With heavy repetition of functional pieces, open shelving in a kitchen or bath can look clean and collected. Stoneware and zinc are rustic materials, but look crisp when combined with clean lines and mindful styling.


Shop Accessories: (1) Marble Nut Bowls (2) Farmhouse Stripe Napkins (3) Outer Banks Sand Bell

All products featured can be purchased in-store or at 

Shoutouts for inspiring shelfies: (1) via Design Sponge (2) Amber Interiors (3) Jonathan Adler via AD (4) Eat Boutique

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Natural Inspiration

We are always finding interior decorating inspiration in the most unusual  places. Our Pinterest  board “Prints and Patterns” is a fun hodgepodge of inspiring images of prints and patterns from around the web. The images that we pin are usually abstract but always beautiful. We are drawn to unique colors and textures. Nature and art are always major sources of decorating inspiration for us. Here are some of our favorite natural images from our Prints + Patterns board on Pinterest.

61f7f3892ac89f26a15eb788d3a65102Feathers / A stunning color combination of browns and grays. The soft texture goes so well with the colors! Image via Heimelig

304.nicole.matt$!x900Cactus / A big contrast from the first image but equally as lovely. Image via Style Me Pretty

dc199f749390404ac5ea768a24102531Wood / Wood is one of our favorite natural elements, and the texture and pattern in this image are so fabulous! The wood looks soft and almost delicate. Image via Flickr


Water / This image captures the depth and beauty of water. Maybe it was photoshopped, but the colors and reflective quality are so wonderful. Image via Goldie London


Foliage / Brilliant emerald green fronds dusted with snow. Image via Thisispaper

f101e4707f18dbbd5461b593fbc23711Lichen / We could see this ochre and gray combination being used on textiles. The rough texture is so gorgeous. Image via Flickr

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Coveted Home is an interior design and home decor boutique. Whether working on a home remodel or searching for the perfect accessory to perch on your mantel, we are here to help you design your life. Our current passion is finding small, well crafted, American-made accessory lines to mix into the boutique’s collection of new and vintage furniture. This is a story we love to tell and wholeheartedly believe in. Smaller is better. 


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I’m a sucker for a good banquette, built-in or free-standing. There’s something about these little seating areas that is cozy, comforting. Built-in banquettes offer storage and informality and are wonderful for families. Free-standing banquettes are a great way to add variety, interest and balance to a dining room. Though they needn’t be curved, we think the rounded banquettes are super cool around a circular table (like MGBW’s “Finley”, shown in the photo above). It’s formal, unique + chic. We want it all!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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Lumberjack Fantasies

Baby, it’s cold outside. This single digit temperature streak we are experiencing right now in the Midwest has caused all of us to daydream in flannel and fur. To be clear, I am not complaining one bit. In fact, I am fully embracing the “Brawny Man” mentality. My home currently smells of evergreen and is thick with layers of plaid and woodland inspired holiday decor. If you are searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for him or you desire to add some “Lumberjack Chic” to your home and wardrobe, our featured picks will be sure to please.

VintagePendletonAdLove this vintage Pendleton ad. “His & Hers” matching plaid robes for Christmas morning? Yes, please! Image via Pinterest.

FallonPlaidInspirationThis may be the epitome of “Lumberjack Chic” and all of which is on Fallon’s wishlist right now.

JCrewScarfThe go-to accessory this season! Vintage or new, a plaid wool scarf (this one from J. Crew) will transform an ordinary ensemble into a rugged one.

FilsonShirtFilson’s Alaskan Guide Shirt is best worn for hunting, shooting, or sipping hot cocoa while gazing at Christmas lights on The Plaza. Made of 100% cotton with a stylish, flattering fit.

JcrewIPhoneCaseWhat better way to showcase your smartphone than in wood grain? Don’t worry. This iPhone case from J. Crew is made of rubber so splinters will not be an issue.

PendletonThrowPendleton’s Yakima Camp Blanket was designed to meet the rigorous demands of the wilderness. I like to think it was designed to keep my toes warm as I watch White Christmas with the family.

StanleyOne of my favorite collections to gift during the holidays. I grew up watching my dad tote around his Stanley thermos in the classic green, but the company has since expanded their color options.

LumberjackSoapThe cedar wood oil in this soap is extracted from actual tree bark and makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for the bearded, axe-wielding men in your life.

Plaid Deer AntlersSarah Ives, the owner of Upscale Downhome, dresses up vintage deer antler mounts with a touch of plaid to each. She is a part-time teacher with a passion for design and a downright winner in my mind.

wood_knivesI imagine that our boxed set of Stag Horn Steak Knives would make a meat-eating man, or woman, very happy this Christmas.

TattersallRugThe Tattersall Collection from Dash & Albert available at the shop would be the ultimate woodsy addition to an entryway or kitchen floor.

silver_candlestickWe can’t get enough of our Polished Antler Candlesticks that are currently featured in the shop. If this isn’t “Lumberjack Chic”, then what is?


Interior designer, Scot Meacham Wood has an area of his home designed entirely for entertaining. What does he use most? Tartan and tons of texture.

Happy Holidays!


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Fun with Olioboard

I’ve been using a new website called Olioboard to put together mood boards for clients. Since I have zero skills when it comes to photo shop or any other graphic design program, this site is my new best friend. Previously it was really challenging for me to gather images of specific pieces, inspiration ideas, colors or patterns and play with them together in a simple format online. With Olioboard I can upload my own images, put them in a space and see how they mingle together. You can even build rooms with architectural features, which I have not yet graduated to, but plan on learning soon!

Here is a board I recently put together for a client. She has a dark brown, semi-contemporary leather sofa that needed to be incorporated into the room. However when I spied on her Pinterest page (another great tool I use to get a sense of a clients style), all of the images she had pinned were of light colored, tufted sofas. All of the rooms she seemed to like were light in color and feeling, leaning towards a modern day approach to traditional or classic styles.

My solution was to incorporate dark and light elements throughout the room to play off what we were starting with and her current day preferences. Dark sofa/light chairs. The coffee table selection is perfect: a two tone wood, dark on top/light on bottom (from MG+BW here). Light console & media cabinet/dark lamps on top. Spallittaliving2

The walls were already painted a very pretty, neutral greige (color chip behind the sofa on the left) and I think the color fits perfectly into the design. She also already had a rug that is a beige background with a blue pattern. I picked up the blue in the pillows and the artwork. I love how this turned out and can’t wait to see it come to life!

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Pillow Talk & Pinning!

Ok, I know that title is cheesy..but I could not resist myself. We got a slew of new pillows in the shop with an array of hues and patterns to choose from. I know you have heard this a million times, but it is true, if you want to update your look with little cost, a beautiful pillow can do the trick. Every single pillow we have in the store is capable of accomplishing that task!

I have also started pinning products that we have in the store to my Pinterest board titled “The Coveted Home”, makes sense right? 🙂 Follow me there, my username is simply Jaclyn Joslin and I have even put a quick link to my profile page on the top right side of the blog. Besides The Coveted Home board I have some other awesome boards on Rooms to Covet, Things to Covet, Fashion and a few others.

A slew of new John Robshaw pillows:

 I seem to be obsessed with yellow currently, I only learned that after looking at one of my pin boards and noticed the color kept repeating itself.
 Love adding a round pillow to the mix!
 Sweet and small for a chair

Subtle color, bold pattern
The new DwellStudio bedding and pillows have not yet arrived, but I couldn’t help myself from posting a couple of the pillows that will be coming, I am so excited to get them!
Lions in ink
Zebra’s in kelly green

All images were taken from the noted manufacturers websites.

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We are Pinning…Hillary Thomas!

One of the new lines we picked up is The Finial Touch by Hillary Thomas Designs. The idea behind these beauties was to create “jewelry for your lamps”. They really are just that, most all of them I would totally put on a chain and hang around my neck. The naturally shaped stones come in a variety of hues and can completely revitalize a lamp. Here are some that we have in the shop, check out the clever names they were given!

 Back In Black
 Green Tangerine
 Heart of Gold
 Marrakesh Express
 Purple Haze
Riders on the Storm

Dream Weaver

We put the Dream Weaver finial on our Basket Lamp by Barbara Cosgrove, they compliment each other perfectly!