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Why We’re Obsessed With Color Clashing: Bring on the Brave, the Bold!

“I love the fact that we’re becoming bolder with pattern and color,” says Graham & Brown designer Paula Taylor. “This year’s softer pastel palette works beautifully on the new geometrics, conveying a more feminine edge to a masculine style — particularly if you add a little metallic highlight.”

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Interiors by Coveted Home

I recently had the opportunity to help a family of four update their living room. They had just completed an addition of an awesome screened in porch that is adjacent to the fireplace wall which zapped the living room of much natural light. The room was dark and the furnishings were a bit dark and dated, not reflecting the young, vibrant family that occupies the home. The room had to be functional for their lifestyle–this is the room they watch movies in together as a family and it is open to the kitchen so it serves as the main hub of the house. Comfort was the number one priority. The young boys are rough on furnishings, so it had to stand up to them, making durability the second priority. The third priority was that the space be lightened up and have a fun and fresh feeling to it.

A few “before” photos taken on my phone at the initial consultation:






My clients one request was that we keep her existing coffee table, other than that we replaced everything. Luckily the coffee table fit the space and worked perfectly with the new floor plan.

Interiors by Coveted Home

I suppose I am not a huge fan of the matching sofa/loveseat combo. We opted instead for two large and comfortable Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofas to face each other. These particular sofas are no longer available, in fact this client got 2 of the very last frames left! We went with a dark taupe fabric for them that is soft, easy to clean and won’t show every little smudge.


Interiors by Coveted Home

I love the John Robshaw for Duralee fabric we used on the chairs!


Interiors by Coveted Home

Interiors by Coveted Home

My clients uncle is an artist and she commissioned him to do this large scale abstract over the sofa. We sent him fabric swatches and paint chips for color inspiration. I love how it turned out and it has sentimental value for the owners which makes it even more special. [Art by Norman Caldwell]

Interiors by Coveted Home

My client says the blue glass lamp from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps always gets compliments from her guests. I’d say its one of my favorite elements in this room also: )

All “after” photos by One Sparrow Creative.

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A house in KC, A house in DC

This house belonged to some of my very first (and some of my favorite for that matter) design clients that I started working with back in 2009 when I first opened up shop. We worked on their home over the course of about 3 years, the bulk of it being done in the beginning and over time getting to finishing touches and extra bedrooms etc. Then last year in August they moved to the quaint town of Alexandria, Virginia, right outside of DC.

Their KC abode was adorable with some unique characteristics and is situated in a desirable neighborhood. Take for instance the hay that was plastered into the walls. I thought for sure they would want to get rid of it, but they liked the quirky charm of it and they way it correlated with the Spanish pavers in the living and dining room.

This house has been featured on my portfolio for a while and has also made appearances in our ads as well as a few local magazines. When they made the move they asked me to help them get situated in their new house (a rental for the time being), which is about half the size of their former KC home. I happily agreed and flew out for moving day. We knew we would  have to move things around to make it fit and some pieces were just going to have to go into storage.

Here is the KC house

_DSC8697 72

I loved those black & white chairs at the dining table.

_DSC8734 72 _DSC8760 72

Can you see the hay in the walls? It definitely grew on me.

_DSC8777 72


Loved the feeling of rustic modern we brought to the house mixed with some unexpected elements.

In their new house the sectional was not going to fit so we got them an adorable small size sofa (the Mona from MG + BW) in a luxurious mink colored chenille and added some velvet and silk pillows.

023 019

We kept the green leather ottoman and moved the head chairs from the dining room in the previous house to the living room. They simply would not fit in their new dining room and I love how they turned out in here! We also added that awesome bronze mirror crosshatch tray to the ottoman from Notre Monde and a Madeline Weinrib rug.



The beautiful Oly Studio Elisabeth Cabinet was previously in their bedroom but in no way would make it up the tight staircase to their new DC bedroom so it landed here in the living room and luckily works quite well there! And although its hard to see in these photos, that amazing faux bois white resin table from Oly Studio that was also previously in the master bedroom (with the blue walls) now serves as their entry table next to the front door–behind the black and white stripe chairs.

I loved being a part of their new home and being able to help them get settled. I was so glad we were able to work in the majority of the pieces even if it is a bit tight in some spots! I certainly miss seeing them around Kansas City but I can tell they are quite happy in their new home and fingers crossed they call me the next time they move:)

Photo credits:

Kansas City home photographed by Roy Inman

Alexandria home photographed by the homeowner, Jessica Allen