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Where to Shop in Kansas City | Racked Feature

Shop Kansas City

“For those outside the Midwest, Kansas City has a pretty indistinguishable reputation; in most people’s minds, it’s a flyover state, if it’s anything at all. But the rest of the country would be wise to pay attention, because Kansas City has some serious style.

The City of Fountains is made up of distinct districts that reach from the River Market (located on the Missouri River) to the Country Club Plaza, an outdoor shopping space with architecture modeled after Seville, Spain; there’s also the more industrial West and East Bottoms. Each neighborhood has its own character reflected in the eclectic mix of boutiques, shops, and general stores scattered throughout.

Here, we’ve put together a guide that shows off the best stores “Paris of the Plains” has to offer, from homegrown denim brands to vintage emporiums and design stores. Put it to use next time you decide to stay over, instead of just flying over.”

shop kansas city

We were immensely thrilled to have Coveted Home mentioned alongside our favorite Kansas City shops for this awesome writeup (Racked.) Next time you’re in Kansas City, or if you live here and have yet to really get out, please support local. By shopping brands based in KC we can support a healthy and thriving community of unique and diverse business run by your very neighbors. Woman and Men striving to make this a wonderful town to visit and live 

We can’t wait to see you and be sure to check out these other favorite Kansas City brands:

Baldwin |Standard Style |Boomerang |Hammerpress |FineFolk |Birdies |Peggy Noland | Sandlot Goods | Urban Provisions

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The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

This season forget the old tricks, forget Godiva, forget Kay Jewelers — We have you covered with these handcrafted, boutique lovelies. Strive to be original and show these Valentine-e’s what they really mean <3

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What They Covet / Karrie Kaneda from Happy Habitat

This week we sit down for a chat with Karrie Kaneda, owner and designer of Happy Habitat:  a line of eco-friendly throw blankets. We absolutely adore her work, both as an environmentalist and a fellow Midwest designer (Karrie is a local Kansas Citian!).

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we have.  

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Mother’s Day Sale at Coveted Home

It’s a well-known fact that moms love Coveted Home. We carry all of the things that they need to make themselves and their homes more beautiful. We’re here to help you show your mom and the other special mother-like figures in your life just how much you care about them. We’re offering some of our favorite items at a discount, so you can give your mom something extra special from our Mother’s Day Sale.

Celebrate mom with our Mother’s Day Sale

Save 25% on all Coté Bastide Home & Body Products + Turkish Towels.

Mother's Day Sale

Use discount code Mother16 or purchase your gifts in-person to save.

Sale Ends 5/8/2016


Cote Bastide for Home & Body / Give your mom the luxurious gift of amber. Cote Bastide’s French amber products are simply divine. She will the love the warm amber and vanilla scented products.


Turkish Towels / Our Turkish towels are practical and chic – just like mom. Our Turkish peshtemal bath towels are so versatile! They are light-weight, quick to dry, and machine washable. Mom can use these as picnic blankets, spa wraps, or as bath towels. Made out of 100% Turkish cotton.

Shop local this Mother’s Day at Coveted Home

Stop by the shop on Sunday 5/8 and enjoy a complimentary mimosa while you browse our unique selection of home decor and accessories.

Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their corresponding links. Follow us on PinterestInstagram, and Facebook for more design inspiration.

As always, let us help you design your life.

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Holiday Catalog

We’re so happy to show you Coveted Home’s first ever holiday catalog! Whether you are entertaining and want your home to look fabulous or you are seeking for that rare and unique gift for a loved one, we are here to help you design your life.

You can view our holiday catalog online. For months, we’ve been searching high and low for the best holiday decor and gift items for you. We’re excited to share some fabulous products from our newest lines that we carry.  Our new lines range from Rose & Fitzgerald‘s horn and brass pieces to Ted Baker‘s leather and enamel goods. Coveted Home’s holiday catalog has a bit of something for everyone. We hope you enjoy perusing our catalog!


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Shop Small at Coveted Home

Small Business Saturday is almost upon us (November 28th)! We are so proud to be a part of the amazing community of small businesses in Kansas City. We love our new location on the Country Club Plaza and we’re glad to call some awesome small business our neighbors.  (West 48th street, represent!)

  Shopping local is a win-win for all involved, especially during this busy holiday season. Let’s all work together to build our growing neighborhoods by shopping at our local boutiques, eating our local fare, and taking part in local services.

Shop Small at Coveted Home on Small Business Saturday! We want to thank you for your support by offering 10% off all purchases Friday & Saturday. Join us for a glass of champagne on Saturday!


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Inspired Spaces – KC Royals

Take the crown!

We love Kansas City and are thrilled and proud that the Royals will be playing the World Series! The post-season was a nail-biter, but the team (and the whole city) never gave up hope. In honor of our boys in blue, we are celebrating with a Royals inspired curated collection. We’ve selected blue and gold furniture and home accessories to create a sporty, yet chic room. Whatever your interests or passions are, we’re here to help you make your space your own. 

Royals Curated.

  1. Indigo Dot Art
  2. Elias Sofa
  3. Strokes Cotton Pillow
  4. Labyrinth Citrine Pillow 
  5. Antique Persian Tabriz Rug
  6. Kansas City Print
  7. Stella Bench
  8. Nila Mix Napkin Set
  9. Stiles Brothers Leather Baseball Glove Sofa
  10. Royals Throw
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Stay Gold with Coveted Home

It’s autumn! In Kansas City, the trees are still green, but soon, they will turn red, brown, and gold. It’s a magical time of year! The changing colors, falling leaves, sweater weather, fires, and pumpkin spice; it’s easy to see why fall is America’s favorite season.

Each new season is an opportunity to reevaluate our homes and make practical and aesthetic changes. In the summer, I put away my rugs and extra textiles, it seems to help the house feel cooler and more relaxing. In the fall, I bring out my textiles, so we have them on hand in case we get chilly. Many people like to celebrate autumn by changing their home accessories. But, you don’t have to go pumpkin crazy or hang up scarecrows and skeletons to honor the harvest season. Adding a few gold accents can help bring the fall spirit indoors. Gold can make your home feel warm and cozy (a must, on those chilly fall evenings). Whatever your style, we carry a range of gold home accessories that can give your home an autumnal vibe.



  1. Vine Gold Leaf Dish 205.00
  2. Hataguchi Stationery – Gold Dots 22.00
  3. Tom Dixon Mirror Ball 490.00
  4. Devore Metallic Gold on Beige Cowhide Rug 599.00
  5. Lewitt Gold Objet 60.0
  6. Rosemary Nesting Tables 2550.00 
  7. Spirit Object 125.00
  8. Cowhide Pillow – Gold Accents 120.00
  9. Starburst Sculptures 50.00-93.00
  10. Gold Bistro Chair 75.00

Stay Gold with Coveted Home.  Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their corresponding links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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Coveted Home + The Bloom Academy

The_Bloom_Academy_CovetedHomeOne of the best parts about being located in KC is the abundance of talented, creative folks who call this city home. Not to mention, a community that fully supports the movers, shakers, and makers who are helping to shape this city into one of the best cities to live in the U.S.. What do pretty flowers have to do with that, you ask? We believe in better living through design. This is true about individual homes as well as whole communities. When the design community (print, fashion, interior, floral, etc.) flourishes, the community reaps the benefits.  So, when we have the opportunity to work with local creatives who are willing to share their talents and skills with the community, we get stoked! Last month, we hosted a flower-arranging workshop with Emily Walters of The Bloom Academy, and she brought some gorgeous flowers and gave us some useful tips for great flower-arranging. It might seem intuitive (you just stick the flowers in a vase, right?) – but we all learned some new tricks to take our arrangements to the next level. It wasn’t all work, we also had a great time! Moxie Catering prepared some delicious noshes and nibbles for the event, and The Garnish Co.  created the perfect summer sangria. We knew the arrangements would look stunning in vessels by Convival Production, so we gave each guest a vase to take home. Sarah Sweeny was there to document the fun-filled evening, and we’re excited to share some of the photographs from the evening with you! Stay tuned for more details about future events, floral or otherwise.

Our lovely teacher for the evening – Emily
8rhVCH_FUKerIMgPTXvA-pKpzIMRkn1-Vuu645ulVPM,ko-WVFAY4jzaOSPmmZT0ZS2jVZ4BrDBah0YtD0QtWVE,vMTuDcjcNT9ddpqQ8_LqWcJBwgcHkQq0SoVF5-3_eZs,qnDShzNbWh8YUFSSgXNFnBCJDVSBfa88LNhybBn6yaIWatch and learn
Emmy-Ray Coveted HomeChoose your blooms
bloom Academy Coveted Home Bloom Academy Coveted HomeCreate
Bloom Academy Coveted Home Bloom Academy Coveted HomeBloom Academy Coveted CrewImbibe and nosh
RmfakQdZBVf9S2bWZ4ODuFiRpVJfzqrACMet26VuBDQ,WF8Uj7BxVSrm0HxMcB_p5lA4QihaVuTjQ0BdpKP4zd8,ndAS-PCkin15fooMthKCjCckifPUCvLFn3cvXwsY3gYShow off
Bloom Academy Coveted Home Bloom Academy Coveted Home Bloom Academy Coveted Home


We couldn’t be prouder! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a wonderful evening!

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Wedding Registry at Coveted Home

The best wedding gifts are the ones that stand the test of time; the ones you will use and enjoy year after year. It can be an arduous task to decide which gifts will really enrich your lives and which ones will be taking up space, collecting dust, only to eventually be donated to charity. If you want to include handmade/local products, or other unique, heirloom-quality items, consider registering at Coveted Home. We’ve added an online registry system to our website to make creating a wish list more convenient for you and your partner. You can easily add items to your wishlist online or stop by the shop to see items in person, and one of our associates will help create your registry.

How to create your registry online:

  1. Create an account on – Click on “My Account” at the bottom of the page
  2. Start shopping
  3. Click “add to wishlist” on an item to add the first item to your wishlist
  4. A window will open and prompt you to name your wishlist and set preferences

You can choose to have public, private, or shared (only accessible by the link and not searchable on the site) wish lists. You can manage you wish lists from My Account or the Manage Wishlist link in the footer under the My Account menu column. Shoppers can access the registry search tool under the floating menu, the shop menu, and under Online Tools. Email or call us if you have any questions about setting up your registry.

And if you want to keep all of your registries in one place, many universal gift registry sites like will let you add items from big box chains as well as indie shops (like, Coveted Home).


  1. Hammered Brass Lamp $495
  2. Slender Ivory Tumbler Vase $22
  3. Wise Egg Planter Large $500
  4. Marbleized Platter $65
  5. Natural Silver Trivet $280

Have fun shopping! And don’t forget – we also carry great gifts for your wedding party!

 Most items shown above are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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