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Where to Shop in Kansas City | Racked Feature

Shop Kansas City “For those outside the Midwest, Kansas City has a pretty indistinguishable reputation; in most people’s minds, it’s a flyover state, if it’s anything at all. But the rest of the country would be wise to pay attention, because Kansas City has some serious style. The City of Fountains is made up of… Continue Reading

Movements: Japanese Interior Design and the Art of Feng Shui

When I think of Japanese design, I think sleek, modern lines. Soft woods, plants galore. Beams of sunlight drifting through open windows, across pine floors with straw mats and low tables. Floor pillows and steaming cups of tea. Lanterns and water features. Peace and tranquility. There’s something inspiring about Japan’s tendency towards serenity — especially in this modern age,… Continue Reading

Design and Cocktails in Cuba : Movements Blog

Beyond the Mambo, guitar strumming streets of Communism, Cuba hides one of the richest fields of design and interior inspiration. Earth tones merge naturally into bright pastels and woods and metals collide in a look that can only be called organic industrial. Design elements throughout Cuba infuse native island culture, African sentiments and Spanish colonialism. All this and with… Continue Reading

Roadtrip: Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

I can’t believe it is June already. Which means that July is just around the corner. Which means I have exactly 57 days till I head for the mountains of Colorado for some highly anticipated R&R with my girlfriends. The men will be “roughing it” for 5 days in the middle of a national park… Continue Reading

The Key to a Successful Getaway

I just got back from a 4-day girl’s trip to Key West, Florida. 8 girls, 2 hotel rooms,  and 1 agenda….to celebrate. And that we did!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had, from start to finish. It can always be a challenge when traveling with such a large group,… Continue Reading

Hemingway’s Key West

By this time tomorrow, my girlfriends and I will be on a plane headed to Key West for a few days to soak in some sun and celebrate our successes of the past year. I cannot wait for our Rum & Reggae Cruise tomorrow evening followed by my first time ever snorkeling. Do they still… Continue Reading

Eyes to the Sky

It is my day off and I need to clean my closet out. I am procrastinating of course, but I have also procrastinated on making this blog post. So I guess the two cancel each other out. It is often times noted by designers that the ceiling is an overlooked surface. I tend to agree.… Continue Reading


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