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Where to Shop in Kansas City | Racked Feature

Shop Kansas City

“For those outside the Midwest, Kansas City has a pretty indistinguishable reputation; in most people’s minds, it’s a flyover state, if it’s anything at all. But the rest of the country would be wise to pay attention, because Kansas City has some serious style.

The City of Fountains is made up of distinct districts that reach from the River Market (located on the Missouri River) to the Country Club Plaza, an outdoor shopping space with architecture modeled after Seville, Spain; there’s also the more industrial West and East Bottoms. Each neighborhood has its own character reflected in the eclectic mix of boutiques, shops, and general stores scattered throughout.

Here, we’ve put together a guide that shows off the best stores “Paris of the Plains” has to offer, from homegrown denim brands to vintage emporiums and design stores. Put it to use next time you decide to stay over, instead of just flying over.”

shop kansas city

We were immensely thrilled to have Coveted Home mentioned alongside our favorite Kansas City shops for this awesome writeup (Racked.) Next time you’re in Kansas City, or if you live here and have yet to really get out, please support local. By shopping brands based in KC we can support a healthy and thriving community of unique and diverse business run by your very neighbors. Woman and Men striving to make this a wonderful town to visit and live 

We can’t wait to see you and be sure to check out these other favorite Kansas City brands:

Baldwin |Standard Style |Boomerang |Hammerpress |FineFolk |Birdies |Peggy Noland | Sandlot Goods | Urban Provisions

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Movements: Japanese Interior Design and the Art of Feng Shui

When I think of Japanese design, I think sleek, modern lines. Soft woods, plants galore. Beams of sunlight drifting through open windows, across pine floors with straw mats and low tables. Floor pillows and steaming cups of tea. Lanterns and water features. Peace and tranquility. There’s something inspiring about Japan’s tendency towards serenity — especially in this modern age, when we lead such busy lives. So, I present this issue of Movement’s as a sort of rebellion. A call to reserve our homes for rest and rejuvenation. And with the right touch, any room can be transformed into a zen oasis.

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Design and Cocktails in Cuba : Movements Blog

Beyond the Mambo, guitar strumming streets of Communism, Cuba hides one of the richest fields of design and interior inspiration. Earth tones merge naturally into bright pastels and woods and metals collide in a look that can only be called organic industrial.

Design elements throughout Cuba infuse native island culture, African sentiments and Spanish colonialism. All this and with a twist of Art Deco. What may appear gaudy on the surface, is far deeper and more charming in its depths and we’ve just begin to plunge into this extraordinary sea. We eagerly await for Cuban/American relations to soothe as more and more of the tiny Caribbean island comes into the spotlight

So pour yourself a Cuba Libre (recipe below) let the tunes flow* and dive into the world of Cuban design.

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Roadtrip: Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

I can’t believe it is June already. Which means that July is just around the corner. Which means I have exactly 57 days till I head for the mountains of Colorado for some highly anticipated R&R with my girlfriends. The men will be “roughing it” for 5 days in the middle of a national park so this gives us freedom to explore! One shop in particular has been on my radar for months now. I am so excited to visit Cedar & Hyde Mercantile, a small boutique located in Boulder whose wares range from home goods, market items, and apparel for both men and women.

Cedar & Hyde was founded by sister duo Christie and Poss Lambert and officially opened it’s doors in October of last year. “Inspired by the past and also encouraged to make different choices for the future”, Cedar & Hyde Mercantile is a modern day general store. Fueled by the overwhelming interest and support for the “maker”, the revival of the general store mentality is running rampant from coast to coast. Here at Coveted Home, this movement is welcomed with open arms. 


 The name Cedar & Hyde Mercantile is the combination of historical reference and the inspiration of raw materials.


 Hand woven baskets, Turkish towels, artisanal bath & body products. This is my kind of general store.


I spy Young in the Mountains, a small ceramic and jewelry line that will soon be showcased in the shop. We are more than thrilled!


 A stack of gorgeous throws that include Kansas City’s own, Happy Habitat! You can find her recycled cotton throws at Coveted Home as well.


 Christie and Poss sure know how to put it all together. This cardigan by Objects Without Meaning is divine!

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The Key to a Successful Getaway

I just got back from a 4-day girl’s trip to Key West, Florida. 8 girls, 2 hotel rooms,  and 1 agenda….to celebrate. And that we did!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had, from start to finish. It can always be a challenge when traveling with such a large group, not to mention all females, but it was a team effort and we triumphed.

What was so great about this vacation was the balance of it all. We were able to snorkel, sunbathe, sight-see, and jet-ski. Oh. And I forgot to mention Duvall Street….if any of you have ever visited Duvall Street, you know what I am talking about. Wow! One of my favorite parts about this trip was the faithfully gorgeous sunset every evening. I don’t think I have ever seen such a picturesque sunset in my life. And I am so happy I was able to experience it with such wonderful friends. A few moments captured…

Relaxing under the sun at the Casa Marina

Hammock Envy

Six-Toed cat from the Hemingway House

Sunset after snorkeling

 The girls

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Hemingway’s Key West

By this time tomorrow, my girlfriends and I will be on a plane headed to Key West for a few days to soak in some sun and celebrate our successes of the past year. I cannot wait for our Rum & Reggae Cruise tomorrow evening followed by my first time ever snorkeling. Do they still make waterproof disposable cameras? I am going to need to stock up!!

While we are at the “Southernmost Point of the Contiguous 48 States”, I would really love to tour Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home which still houses his cat Snowball’s descendents, over 9,000 books, and an abundance of animal heads. Given to he and his second wife, Pauline, as a wedding gift in 1931, many of Hemingway’s most famous works like Death in the Afternoon, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and The Snows of Kilimanjaro were written or worked on here. Let’s hope I can convince a friend or two to stroll over to what is guaranteed to be an inspiring place!









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Eyes to the Sky

It is my day off and I need to clean my closet out. I am procrastinating of course, but I have also procrastinated on making this blog post. So I guess the two cancel each other out.

It is often times noted by designers that the ceiling is an overlooked surface. I tend to agree. While not all spaces call for attention to the ceiling, for some spaces amping up the ceiling finish can really make all the difference in the room.

It was duly noted by me while on my recent trip to Istanbul, that they did not overlook the ceilings when building the mosques there hundreds of years ago. Every place I went I was amazed when I simply looked up.

 The Hagia Sophia ceiling
Second floor ceiling of Hagia Sophia
I love this photo. Taken from the 2nd floor of the Hagia Sophia you get a perspective on how huge and impressive the mosque is. Also I love how all the chandeliers below look like they are floating. 
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better know as The Blue Mosque

 Blue Mosque
Not a ceiling, but this photo of the Blue Mosque at night is pretty and I wanted to share. 
 This is one of my favorites. It was inside of a less popular mosque near the Blue Mosque and I did not record the name unfortunately. 
 Same mosque as the one above.
Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel
Translate this into modern day design and what do you get? 
Painted ceilings…
Wallpapered ceilings…
Fancy molding on ceilings…

Be creative and tell me, what will you do with your ceilings?
All Istanbul images are my own, the last 3 photos are from Better Homes & Gardens and Houzz.