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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

The team thought the above Bette Midler quote a fitting title for today’s post. It’s true, isn’t it? A great pair of shoes can make the all the difference in having a good day or a great day. Autumn means leaves changing, but it also means calf-hair pumps and suede booties. So on this cool, lovely September day, we’d like to share our dream shoe picks for the season.

thespace_melanie melanie_clogs

Melanie, our Creative Director and unbelievable jill-of-all-trades, has an earthy style that seems to mimic her easy-going demeanor. She’s been dreaming of LD Tuttle’s “The Space” gray booties and Free People’s black platform clogs. We can totally see her wearing the clogs styled as is, with a pair of thick wool socks and boyfriend jeans. (In other words, go for it Melanie!!).


rebeccaminkoff_booties elizabethandjamescamo

Like her design aesthetic, Jaclyn’s style strikes the perfect balance between coastal cool and midwestern sensibility. She fell head-over-heels for the Rebecca Minkoff Calf-hair and Leopard Booties (and may still purchase them..!), but in the end she couldn’t resist charm of Elizabeth and James’s Gray Camo Suede Shoe. When she broke them out at the shop last week, Melanie and I went a little fan girl. Can you blame us? : )


My turn. Call me boring, but I am innately drawn to the classics. I just can’t help it! Thus, it’s no surprise that I’m drawn towards J.Crew’s Black Leather Field Boot and their Chunky Leopard Calf-Hair Pumps. The boots would make me feel oh so Charlotte York, and those pumps are totally something that Cher would wear in Clueless. Please and thank you.

What Fall shoes are you lusting after? We’d love to hear your picks!

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Between the Covers

We’re lucky to have some pretty rad books in stock right now at Coveted Home. I thought I’d scan a few pages from our favorite titles to give our readers a sneak peek of what’s in store… Maybe we’re biased, but we think you’re going to love : )
P.S. all books are available for purchase at our boutique and at!

BringingNatureHome_coverBringingNatureHome1 BringingNatureHome2 BringingNatureHome3

First up, we have Ngoc Minh Ngo’s Bringing Nature Home (arrangements by Nicolette Owen of Little Flower School fame). With a forward by Deborah Needleman (Currently EIC of NYT’s Style Magazine and former EIC of Domino Magazine), you know it’s going to be good. And, believe me, it is! Arranged by seasons, the book details how to brilliantly arrange what’s currently in bloom. Better yet, it’s beautifully styled – reminds us of a really, really good spread in Domino. We think it’d make an amazing gift…but you’ll definitely want to keep it for yourself!

Roman and Williams Building & Interiors: Things We Made will knock your cashmere socks off. Not that this should really matter, but the physical book is gorgeous: black, leather-bound, academic. Inside, we’re introduced to a whole new world of rich fabrics, beautiful kitchens and bars, and macabre-meets-whimsical styling inspiration. After reading, all we can think about is doing up Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Liam Sofa in an eggplant velvet (!!!). Oh baby.


Lastly, we’d like you to meet At Home with May and Axel VerVoordt. The VerVoodts are famous for their international art and antiques company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The book is full of beautiful images and incredible recipes, again divided by season. We love to flip through this book and fall into the VerVoordt’s world for a few minutes… Living vicariously, indeed!

We’ll be back next week with a few more images from our favorite in-store books. Hope you enjoyed today’s reading!

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Dining Room Design

I recently had a dining room install and am happy to report both my clients and I are thrilled with the way it has turned out so far. The room still needs the finishing touches of art and I didn’t style the room with anything on the table before I snapped this photo on my phone but I thought this progress shot was worthy of sharing.


The house is a traditional style home but it is situated on a lake. The overall feel my clients and I have been striving for is casual and comfortable but obviously stylish. The rattan chairs are a nod to the lake house without being kitchy, which is a theme   carried throughout the house–touches of “lake house” without being forced or expected.

When I made the presentation the husband was a little weary of the rug and how bold it is. His wife and I kept assuring him it would be the element that tied everything together in the room, and it certainly does. They loved the idea of a bench on one side making it a fun and easy spot to put the kids on.

Here is the mood board I presented them with, it really turned out just as planned!

Lake House Dining Room

Here are the sources, all furniture purchased through Coveted Home.

Down Pour Blue paint by Benjamin Moore

Miller Leather Bench, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Chandelier and lamps by Arteriors

Texcoco Rug by Dash & Albert

Chairs, table and sideboard by Selamat Designs


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Looking Sheepish

My grandmother was an adventurous woman later in life. She traveled to parts of the world in her 60’s and 70’s that I can only dream of experiencing in my 30’s. She was an exuberant, stubborn, and independent woman that loved to try new things as much as she loved her family and friends.

Her living room mirrored her personality and showcased many of the fantastic items she collected during her travels. One oddity I always had a soft spot for was the sheepskin rug she brought back from New Zealand. It lay right in front of her stone fireplace just waiting for my 9 year old self to curl up and enjoy it’s unfamiliar, yet very welcoming softness. I am so glad I held onto the rug after all of these years, not only because sheepskin is the “it” accessory to have thrown over your rattan chair or admired in the shape of a throw pillow, but because of the warm memories that are associated with my inherited rug. What a sentimental and now trendy thing to have!



We were so excited to see the Duncan and Otto Tibetan Fur Cubes and Long Cocktail Benches in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Fall Collection. What a unique addition to the end of a bed or incorporated as extra seating in a living room. Take advantage of the Special Order Fall Event now through October 7th as these lovelies are included in the 20% off promotion!!



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A Room to Grow Up In

I haven’t had the opportunity to design for too many kiddos so when my clients asked me to help with their daughters room I was so excited. We’ve done most of the main level together–living, dining and eating areas as well as the entry and powder bath. My clients had more of an idea of what they wanted (or didn’t want really) for their daughters room than any other room we have worked on. I was told that with certainty they did NOT want all white painted furniture with a mural on the wall, which seems to be the run of the mill on kids rooms these days. They were however very set on the colors of pink and blue. They also wanted the room to be something she could grow into and that was not too princess/little girl.

Here is a preview of one option I put together for them. I will be sure to post pictures of the finalized version once everything has been installed!


Fabric and paint options

Whether your seeking interior designer services or to shop our accessories, we are here to help you design your life.

Round up:

Paint (background color), Caribbean Mist, Benjamin Moore

Jenny Lind Bed, Land of Nod

Tibetan Fur Ottoman, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Tory Quilted Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids

Maskros Pendant, Ikea

Jarmin Table Lamp, Stray Dog Designs

Mame Vanity/Desk & Catherine side table, Bungalow 5

Lauren Waste Basket, Stray Dog Designs

Whether your seeking interior designer services or to shop our accessories, we are here to help you design your life

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Coveted Home + Because It’s Awesome + Smirnoff Cocktails

B.I.A. Smirnoff_CH5

We recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a Smirnoff Vodka mixology party with Tobe from Because It’s Awesome. Tobe’s back yard and patio is cush–with a loungy sectional and vintage fan chairs set against a lush green yard complete with a fountain, fire pit and beautiful plants galore–it was the perfect spot for a night of relaxing with cocktails and friends.

Our job was to bring in the finishing pieces and deck it out with some fab accessories. Challenge accepted! A slew of new pillows arrived just in time. They lined the back of her sectional perfectly and added some fun pattern and color. The blue stripe rug is one of our indestructible indoor/outdoor rugs by Dash & Albert.


B.I.A. Smirnoff_CH4

We littered the tables with some potted succulents, lanterns and new mercury glass tea lights that have mirrored lining on the inside, giving them an extra shimmer.

B.I.A. Smirnoff_CH3all photos by Jason Hanna Photography

Melanie and I were thrilled to be a part of this lovely evening! Head over to Because It’s Awesome to see her post with all the details, more pics and recipes for the yummy drink concoctions that we indulged in.

All of our featured products from the post are available in our shop!



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What to expect from the unexpected.

Color inspiration found on Pinterest.

     Let me introduce myself. My name is Melanie Clouser. I am the new Creative Director at Coveted Home. And I love it here.

I consider myself unconventional. Proudly atypical. And my path to acquiring the position of Creative Director at Coveted Home was just that. With that being said, I also consider myself very lucky. Although I am still getting settled, I have never felt so completely impassioned, excited, and eager to grow like I do with Coveted Home. As most of you know already, I had an amazing mentor to help me transition into the role. It was bittersweet to see Amanda move to Portland last month. I looked forward to being the new Creative Director, but I also grew very fond of Amanda and I did not want to see her go. I am thankful for the time she spent with me so that when the time came to “pass the torch”, it felt seamless.

What an extraordinary feeling to love your job. I have already established such a sense of ownership to Coveted Home. When I am not working, I am still working, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that! Jaclyn’s vision is contagious. Not only is my background in Retail Merchandising, but I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, so naturally, I am a strong believer in self-expression through design. That personal space should mirror individual style without sacrificing comfort or quality. The first time I walked into Coveted Home, I could tell that Jaclyn was wanting to convey that exact approach to her customers.

Immediately after I became a part of this store, I started to reflect on my own personal style. What does my space say about who I am as an individual? Am I representing myself appropriately? Am I telling a story, and if so, are people listening? I contemplated on what truly inspires me by using tools like Pinterest and Houzz. I sifted through numerous issues of every major home furnishings magazine to get a solid feel of what my eye initially is drawn to. What I had concluded to was not surprising, nor would it shock anyone who knows me well. I am intrigued by the unexpected. I revel in contrast and differing forms. To marry unlikely objects that would otherwise never meet. This is my “style compass”. I will let it guide me as I begin this new and thrilling endeavor at Coveted Home.

Living room found on Houzz. Love the overlapping prints on the walls.

Bedroom inspiration found on Houzz. I am a sucker for tufting.


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Fun with Olioboard

I’ve been using a new website called Olioboard to put together mood boards for clients. Since I have zero skills when it comes to photo shop or any other graphic design program, this site is my new best friend. Previously it was really challenging for me to gather images of specific pieces, inspiration ideas, colors or patterns and play with them together in a simple format online. With Olioboard I can upload my own images, put them in a space and see how they mingle together. You can even build rooms with architectural features, which I have not yet graduated to, but plan on learning soon!

Here is a board I recently put together for a client. She has a dark brown, semi-contemporary leather sofa that needed to be incorporated into the room. However when I spied on her Pinterest page (another great tool I use to get a sense of a clients style), all of the images she had pinned were of light colored, tufted sofas. All of the rooms she seemed to like were light in color and feeling, leaning towards a modern day approach to traditional or classic styles.

My solution was to incorporate dark and light elements throughout the room to play off what we were starting with and her current day preferences. Dark sofa/light chairs. The coffee table selection is perfect: a two tone wood, dark on top/light on bottom (from MG+BW here). Light console & media cabinet/dark lamps on top. Spallittaliving2

The walls were already painted a very pretty, neutral greige (color chip behind the sofa on the left) and I think the color fits perfectly into the design. She also already had a rug that is a beige background with a blue pattern. I picked up the blue in the pillows and the artwork. I love how this turned out and can’t wait to see it come to life!

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Happy New Year!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers in 2012. To those of you who stayed with us during the journey of our move and name change, we thank you. To those of you who are new to our brand, we look forward to a lasting relationship and we thank you for welcoming us to our new neighborhood.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local businesses. Here’s to a comfortable and beautiful 2013!

We will be closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. We will reopen on Jan. 2nd.

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Happy New Year!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers in 2012. To those of you who stayed with us during the journey of our move and name change, we thank you. To those of you who are new to our brand, we look forward to a lasting relationship and we thank you for welcoming us to our new neighborhood.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local businesses. Here’s to a comfortable and beautiful 2013!

We will be closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. We will reopen on Jan. 2nd.