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Christmas: Auditory Aesthetics


I’ve been a fan of the band Low for many years, but somehow, I missed their 1999 Christmas album. I heard one of their Christmas songs on the radio last year and immediately recognized Mimi Parker’s unique vocals. The album, aptly titled Christmas has quickly became one of my holiday favorites. The album contains more original songs than covers, which is refreshing. The first song, “Just Like Christmas” (an original) is my favorite song on the album. It has a wonderful retro, lo-fi feel and is the poppiest track on the album. One of the classic songs they cover is Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley), and it is the most despondent sounding version that you could ever imagine. It’s not the type of Christmas album that you’d want to play a party, but it is perfect for listening to on quiet nights, while sitting around the fire, drinking toddies. The traditional yet slightly unconventional feel of the album as well as the references to Sweden in the song “Just like Christmas” helped inspire this Auditory Aesthetic collection.XmasLarge You can find Low’s Christmas album on Spotify or YouTube. We hope you enjoy listening to it while you shop this Auditory Aesthetics post.

A.  Dean Mitchell Early Snow painting $8,500  // B. Saint Lucia Ornaments $22 // C. Crystal Snowflake Chandelier $3,500 // D. Walden Sofa $999 (available through Coveted Home) // E. Nordic Star Rug $91- $1,167 (available through Coveted Home) // F. Gold Antler Bowl $100 // G. Fort Standard Bottle Opener $44 // H. Black Stripe Reverse Blanket $195  // I. Puff Balls Organic Throw $205 // J. Gnome Ornament $11 // K. Vienna Twig Tree $40  // L. Brass Starburst Ornaments (trio) $10.50

Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere, and we think music is a wonderful source of creativity. Follow our “Auditory Aesthetics” series on the blog as we share with you some of our favorite albums and home decor finds. Most items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City, our online shop and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.

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