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Design and Cocktails in Cuba : Movements Blog

Beyond the Mambo, guitar strumming streets of Communism, Cuba hides one of the richest fields of design and interior inspiration. Earth tones merge naturally into bright pastels and woods and metals collide in a look that can only be called organic industrial.

Design elements throughout Cuba infuse native island culture, African sentiments and Spanish colonialism. All this and with a twist of Art Deco. What may appear gaudy on the surface, is far deeper and more charming in its depths and we’ve just begin to plunge into this extraordinary sea. We eagerly await for Cuban/American relations to soothe as more and more of the tiny Caribbean island comes into the spotlight

So pour yourself a Cuba Libre (recipe below) let the tunes flow* and dive into the world of Cuban design.

The Five Elements of Cuban Style

  • Folk Art: Cuba is an island full of makers. This is a culture that has had to learn to recycle, up-cycle — making due with limited resources.
  • Cement Tiles: Like the folk art, handmade cement tiles are produced on the island and are as popular as they have been since the early 20th century.
  • Colors: Think vivid Pastels: Blue, Saffron, Pink, Green. Think Latin American colors with a twist
  • Tropical Plants: I mean, c’mon — you’d think Cuban’s invented the Jungalow look!
  • Midcentury and Art Deco: Antiques, ephemera and replicas fill these spaces with enviable charm.



Cafe contigo 2 RETOUCHED




And as promised, the Cuba Libre

2 oz. rum

1 lime


Fill a collins glass to the brim with ice. Combine ingredients

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