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Inspired Spaces – KC Royals

Take the crown!

We love Kansas City and are thrilled and proud that the Royals will be playing the World Series! The post-season was a nail-biter, but the team (and the whole city) never gave up hope. In honor of our boys in blue, we are celebrating with a Royals inspired curated collection. We’ve selected blue and gold furniture and home accessories to create a sporty, yet chic room. Whatever your interests or passions are, we’re here to help you make your space your own. 

Royals Curated.

  1. Indigo Dot Art
  2. Elias Sofa
  3. Strokes Cotton Pillow
  4. Labyrinth Citrine Pillow 
  5. Antique Persian Tabriz Rug
  6. Kansas City Print
  7. Stella Bench
  8. Nila Mix Napkin Set
  9. Stiles Brothers Leather Baseball Glove Sofa
  10. Royals Throw