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Go Back To Bed

Sometimes even the simplest things, like getting the mail, can slowly dissipate from your everyday routine. Remembering to incorporate this near effortless task at the shop has been somewhat of a challenge for me. It is really not that bad. I am being a bit dramatic, but checking the mail on a regular basis IS on my list for 2014’s new year’s resolutions. Believe! I bring this up because Jaclyn checked the mail today (since I had forgotten to do so) and we had received the Spring 2014 catalog from John Robshaw Textiles!

On a cold, quiet day like today, Robshaw’s rich color choices and bold patterns were just what I needed to get inspired. His bedding, in particular, can make even the most enthusiastic morning person want to crawl back under the covers. The Celi Bedding is neutral in color but powerful in pattern. The Nikolo Bedding has a sweet quality showcased in magenta and coral. Both of these collections could be the perfect backdrop for any of our John Robshaw decorative pillows that we have at the shop! Shown below.




































Clockwise from top left: John Robshaw Puffer Pillow, Poppy Indigo Pillow, Tambu Abaca Pillow. All of which are available for purchase at the shop. Happy new year!

Featured image via John Robshaw