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What to expect from the unexpected.

Color inspiration found on Pinterest.

     Let me introduce myself. My name is Melanie Clouser. I am the new Creative Director at Coveted Home. And I love it here.

I consider myself unconventional. Proudly atypical. And my path to acquiring the position of Creative Director at Coveted Home was just that. With that being said, I also consider myself very lucky. Although I am still getting settled, I have never felt so completely impassioned, excited, and eager to grow like I do with Coveted Home. As most of you know already, I had an amazing mentor to help me transition into the role. It was bittersweet to see Amanda move to Portland last month. I looked forward to being the new Creative Director, but I also grew very fond of Amanda and I did not want to see her go. I am thankful for the time she spent with me so that when the time came to “pass the torch”, it felt seamless.

What an extraordinary feeling to love your job. I have already established such a sense of ownership to Coveted Home. When I am not working, I am still working, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that! Jaclyn’s vision is contagious. Not only is my background in Retail Merchandising, but I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, so naturally, I am a strong believer in self-expression through design. That personal space should mirror individual style without sacrificing comfort or quality. The first time I walked into Coveted Home, I could tell that Jaclyn was wanting to convey that exact approach to her customers.

Immediately after I became a part of this store, I started to reflect on my own personal style. What does my space say about who I am as an individual? Am I representing myself appropriately? Am I telling a story, and if so, are people listening? I contemplated on what truly inspires me by using tools like Pinterest and Houzz. I sifted through numerous issues of every major home furnishings magazine to get a solid feel of what my eye initially is drawn to. What I had concluded to was not surprising, nor would it shock anyone who knows me well. I am intrigued by the unexpected. I revel in contrast and differing forms. To marry unlikely objects that would otherwise never meet. This is my “style compass”. I will let it guide me as I begin this new and thrilling endeavor at Coveted Home.

Living room found on Houzz. Love the overlapping prints on the walls.

Bedroom inspiration found on Houzz. I am a sucker for tufting.


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A house in KC, A house in DC

This house belonged to some of my very first (and some of my favorite for that matter) design clients that I started working with back in 2009 when I first opened up shop. We worked on their home over the course of about 3 years, the bulk of it being done in the beginning and over time getting to finishing touches and extra bedrooms etc. Then last year in August they moved to the quaint town of Alexandria, Virginia, right outside of DC.

Their KC abode was adorable with some unique characteristics and is situated in a desirable neighborhood. Take for instance the hay that was plastered into the walls. I thought for sure they would want to get rid of it, but they liked the quirky charm of it and they way it correlated with the Spanish pavers in the living and dining room.

This house has been featured on my portfolio for a while and has also made appearances in our ads as well as a few local magazines. When they made the move they asked me to help them get situated in their new house (a rental for the time being), which is about half the size of their former KC home. I happily agreed and flew out for moving day. We knew we would  have to move things around to make it fit and some pieces were just going to have to go into storage.

Here is the KC house

_DSC8697 72

I loved those black & white chairs at the dining table.

_DSC8734 72 _DSC8760 72

Can you see the hay in the walls? It definitely grew on me.

_DSC8777 72


Loved the feeling of rustic modern we brought to the house mixed with some unexpected elements.

In their new house the sectional was not going to fit so we got them an adorable small size sofa (the Mona from MG + BW) in a luxurious mink colored chenille and added some velvet and silk pillows.

023 019

We kept the green leather ottoman and moved the head chairs from the dining room in the previous house to the living room. They simply would not fit in their new dining room and I love how they turned out in here! We also added that awesome bronze mirror crosshatch tray to the ottoman from Notre Monde and a Madeline Weinrib rug.



The beautiful Oly Studio Elisabeth Cabinet was previously in their bedroom but in no way would make it up the tight staircase to their new DC bedroom so it landed here in the living room and luckily works quite well there! And although its hard to see in these photos, that amazing faux bois white resin table from Oly Studio that was also previously in the master bedroom (with the blue walls) now serves as their entry table next to the front door–behind the black and white stripe chairs.

I loved being a part of their new home and being able to help them get settled. I was so glad we were able to work in the majority of the pieces even if it is a bit tight in some spots! I certainly miss seeing them around Kansas City but I can tell they are quite happy in their new home and fingers crossed they call me the next time they move:)

Photo credits:

Kansas City home photographed by Roy Inman

Alexandria home photographed by the homeowner, Jessica Allen

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Happy Anniversary to us!

May 1st was our 1 year anniversary at Coveted Home and also marks being in business for a total of 4 years now!  The previous 3 years were under a different name, Urban Dwellings Design, located in downtown Kansas City–my first business endeavor.   I became very excited when I realized I was going into my 5th year of business…it just feels like a good sign and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come for the Coveted Home brand!

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reminisce and show some photos that have never been published before. They are mostly all from Urban Dwellings–we had such a cool space down there in a beautiful old building and I do miss being downtown! The first 5 or so photos were taken right when we opened in 2008. You can just tell how fresh everything was, all in its perfect spot!

The last 5 are from Coveted Home. I love looking back at these photos to see how things have transformed and evolved over the years. Next month in June the store will be transformed once again. A brand new shipment of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture will be arriving (including a bed, sofa, chairs and tables) along with lots of new accessories, so stay in touch and be on the lookout for the exciting news when everything arrives!


j4DEW1628 4DEW1561 4DEW1613 4DEW1502 4DEW15174DEW5791 4DEW5145 4DEW5114101202_BCLShow12_LC 101202_BCLShow28_LC 101202_BCLShow22_LCCoveted_Home-9508 Coveted_Home-9613 Coveted_Home-9622 Coveted_Home-9627Coveted_Home-9608j

Photo Credits:

1-8 Patrick Andrew Adams Photography

9-11 Landon Collis Photography

12-16 Forester Michael Photography

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Special Order Sale


It is finally starting to warm up around here and it is time for the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Spring Special Order Event! Now through May 5th any special order including custom upholstery, coffee tables, side tables, lamps and rugs is 20% off.

We offer free in store consultations on furniture and fabric selections, just bring in some photos of your room. We are here to help you design your life!

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Seeking Qualified Applicants


As much as it saddens me to write this post, the time has come. My sister, Amanda Steiner, who has been with me every step of the way since I opened Urban Dwellings Design back in 2008 is moving and leaving some really big shoes to fill here at Coveted Home. When she and her husband moved to KC four and half years ago they stated their intentions then that they would be here for 3-5 years, but then would be moving. At the time they weren’t sure where they would be going, but they knew they wouldn’t be here for the long haul. True to their word, they have decided upon a new home in the uber hip city of Portland, Oregon (I can’t wait to start visiting!). I couldn’t be where I am today without the help and support of my sister and the shop just won’t be the same without her.

With that being said, I am in need of finding a replacement for her position as Creative Director. Please pass this post on to anyone that you think would be a good fit for an intimate retail working environment.  Oh, and you have to love dogs because Simone comes to work with me everyday 🙂 A brief description of the job and my expectations for qualified candidates follows:

The Coveted Home is now hiring for the position of Creative Director. Seeking applicants with strong visual display & merchandising skills. Interior Design background is not required, but must be able to demonstrate knowledge of interior design, current home decor and fashion trends. Position also entails managerial duties such as order entry, social media outreach, scheduling and superior customer service skills. A positive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication to always giving your best is a must. Sales and or management experience is required. Working weekends is to be expected.  Please email resume to:

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Fun with Olioboard

I’ve been using a new website called Olioboard to put together mood boards for clients. Since I have zero skills when it comes to photo shop or any other graphic design program, this site is my new best friend. Previously it was really challenging for me to gather images of specific pieces, inspiration ideas, colors or patterns and play with them together in a simple format online. With Olioboard I can upload my own images, put them in a space and see how they mingle together. You can even build rooms with architectural features, which I have not yet graduated to, but plan on learning soon!

Here is a board I recently put together for a client. She has a dark brown, semi-contemporary leather sofa that needed to be incorporated into the room. However when I spied on her Pinterest page (another great tool I use to get a sense of a clients style), all of the images she had pinned were of light colored, tufted sofas. All of the rooms she seemed to like were light in color and feeling, leaning towards a modern day approach to traditional or classic styles.

My solution was to incorporate dark and light elements throughout the room to play off what we were starting with and her current day preferences. Dark sofa/light chairs. The coffee table selection is perfect: a two tone wood, dark on top/light on bottom (from MG+BW here). Light console & media cabinet/dark lamps on top. Spallittaliving2

The walls were already painted a very pretty, neutral greige (color chip behind the sofa on the left) and I think the color fits perfectly into the design. She also already had a rug that is a beige background with a blue pattern. I picked up the blue in the pillows and the artwork. I love how this turned out and can’t wait to see it come to life!

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Happy New Year!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers in 2012. To those of you who stayed with us during the journey of our move and name change, we thank you. To those of you who are new to our brand, we look forward to a lasting relationship and we thank you for welcoming us to our new neighborhood.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local businesses. Here’s to a comfortable and beautiful 2013!

We will be closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. We will reopen on Jan. 2nd.

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Happy New Year!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our customers in 2012. To those of you who stayed with us during the journey of our move and name change, we thank you. To those of you who are new to our brand, we look forward to a lasting relationship and we thank you for welcoming us to our new neighborhood.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting local businesses. Here’s to a comfortable and beautiful 2013!

We will be closed New Years Eve and New Years Day. We will reopen on Jan. 2nd.

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Catching Up, Part 1

November was a very hectic month for me. Between volunteering for this years DIFFA event, Holidays by Design, appearing on television, having 2 Thanksgiving dinners, hosting an Open House at Coveted Home and going to a really amazing wedding…well lets just say I was pretty taxed.

I have fully recuperated and am ready to tackle the month of December! But first I want to extend a big Thank You to my fabulous employees and family who always take care of me and the shop when I am over extended, you are all so appreciated by me. 

The first event of November was our Holiday Open House with a special trunk show with our friend and featured jewelry artist, Sara Cramer. Sara’s jewelry is handmade and she imports the glass beads from Japan. Her look is modern and unique, with hints of funk and glamour at the same time.

Customers perused the jewelry offerings
Amanda, Sara and myself

Our friend Addie, who tried as many pieces of Sara’s jewelry as she could fit!
My sister Amanda, who is also the Creative Director at Coveted Home happens to be an entertaining maven. She seriously rivals the likes of Martha Stewart. I rely on her to pull these types of parties off without a hitch. She knows just what kind of apps, drinks, flowers, music and entertainment to combine together for a no-fail, good time. 
Amanda’s champagne and pomegranate punch

A heart felt thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends who stopped by to enjoy this day with us!