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Loved; Naturally

Natural elements; hide rugs, rattan chairs, succulents + fiddly figs, tibetan fur. It seems like lately you could spot one, two, or all of these items in a featured space. For good reason. What if we omitted the notion that nature was welcome indoors? The basic fundamentals of design would crumble like poorly constructed pillars of sand. My heart would break and my house would become a reference of “what not to do”.  A nightmare of unnatural proportions. Yes, that happened.

Back to reality. Natural elements are a primary source of texture, warmth, and interest in a space. Looking around the shop, I am reminded that we take this seriously. One of our favorite inspiring spaces of the past few months was Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell’s LA Loft (featured on Lonny). They nailed it with the exposed wood beams, modern lighting, vintage furniture + accessories carefully strewn, and the perfect amount of “natural” throughout. Their entry:


 Speaking of “natural”, here are a few of our favorites from around the shop…all of which are available in-store and online…


Teak Wood Bench – Bali. Available at Coveted Home.


 Otto Tibetan Fur Ottomans – sold individually. Available at Coveted Home.


Hand Carved Teak Vessel – Bali. Available at Coveted Home.


Domn Palm Kenyan Basket – Small. Available at Coveted Home.


Tibetan Fur Pillow – Shell Beige. Available at Coveted Home.


Covent Garden Candleholder – Teak. Available at Coveted Home.


 Tidbit Spoons – Rosewood + Brass. Available at Coveted Home.