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Measuring Up

Bigger isn’t Always Better : How to maximize your space with style

At Coveted Home we offer many pieces that will help make your living space more efficient, comfortable, and stylish. Unfortunately, downsizing or rightsizing (e.g., choosing to live in a smaller home that suits your needs) isn’t as easy as moving all of your stuff into a smaller space. Some of your pieces will fit right in, but others will need to be updated. Here are some decorating tips and product ideas that will help you create the perfect environment to suit your lifestyle. Need more ideas? Visit us on the Country Club Plaza to discuss design solutions for your challenging space.



Get More Bang for your Buck with Multipurpose Pieces

A well chosen arm chair is a must have for any small home. Find a good place for an extra small chair in your living room or bedroom and you’ll always have extra seating for visiting and dining with guests.

Ottoman/Bench/Cocktail Table combos are great multifunctional pieces for small spaces. Add a tray on top of this one for displaying objects or holding drinks and there will still be room for seating or kicking up your feet.

Open Up

Exposed legs on furniture can create an illusion that the room is actually larger than it is. Remember this when choosing large pieces like sofa, chairs, and cabinets.

A Bright Idea

Floor task or arc lamps are perfect for putting in a corner near your sofa or favorite reading chair. They won’t take up much room and add another useful and beautiful layer of light to any room.

Go Bold, Go Big

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean your art has to be. Try going with a large print or original piece of art to make a big impact in your small room.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Don’t feel like you have to always choose smaller pieces – sometimes having one large sofa/sectional might make more sense than multiple sofas or chairs. However, if you won’t need lots of seats feel free to go with a smaller sofa and chair. BSC has every sofa available in a small (72”) version like this one.

The Oldest Trick in the Book

You’ve probably heard it before, but a well placed mirror really can help make a space feel more open. Try placing a mirror on a wall facing a window to reflect the light into the room. A mirror hung over a mantle or sideboard will create the illusion of a window to another room.

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