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Modern Mexico in Kansas City

I had a busy and refreshing weekend spent with friends and loved ones, taking advantage of some of Kansas Cities great treasures. The Nelson Atkins Museum is certainly high up on my list of one of the places that makes KC great. This summer the museum has the Natasha & Jacques Gelman collection on display. The Gelmans immigrated from Eastern Europe to Mexico in 1942. They were close friends of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo, among other Mexican artists. They fell in love with Mexico and acquired quite the impressive collection of pieces by various Mexican artists. We spent several hours strolling through the Bloch building engulfed in the beauty and creativity of work from the 1940’s through the 90’s.

Since the museum allows photography I decided to snap a few photos to share. Clearly I am partial to Frida’s work since I really only took photos of hers. I did include one of Diego’s pieces as well though to try and be fair. It was just such a great experience seeing her work in person after admiring it for so many years.






A portrait of Natasha Gelman by Diego Rivera.




You may think that all Frida painted were self portraits. I believe I read that out of 140 some pieces of work close to 50 of those were self portraits. However you will find other subject matter in her work, like this still life composed of an odd variety of objects, with the most peculiar being that little bride doll in the corner!

If you live in or around the Kansas City area I highly recommend seeing this exhibit, it shows through August 18th and is well worth the $8 admission fee.