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Not Your Uncle’s Nag Champa: Incense We’re Obsessed With

black bird incense

we’re madly in love with the air at the shop right now

maybe it’s all these sweet and sultry fragrances

but who’s to say

either way we’d love to introduce you to our newest addiction…

Our New Obsession? Incense!


“Blackbird is a dimension all its own, a playfully imperfect experiment in which you are the final ingredient.” From the Pacific Northwest, Blackbird embraces the more spiritual nature of incense aiming to produce cones that elevate body and mind. Shop Black Bird

incense cones hekkes

Na Nin

Hand soaked incense cones perfect for chill spaces and meditation. Na Nin goes far, far beyond the typical woodsy, earthy tones to produce an incense equivalent of perfume.  Shop Na Nin

incense na nin

Hold your fire! What’s there to burn without the right accessories?

Shop Incense Stick Holders

Incense Burners 

Shop Incense Trays

palo santo incense tray

*feature image by Blackbird Ballard Incense