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February #MyCovetedHome Roundup: Our Favorite Gallery Walls

As always, the #MyCovetedHome hashtag was brimming with excellent and inspiring moments this month, but what really got us going were the following spaces featuring everyone’s favorite trend that we hope never goes out of style: the gallery wall! While each of these were exceptionally personal and unique, they had one thing in common; absolutely gorgeous pieces that became something so much more when hung together.


This space by @studioplumb is just absolutely, jaw-droppingly good, and brimming with enviable style. From the eclectic gallery wall, to the jewel-tones and sculptural plants, this is one grand gallery wall. 

From @k.laingdesign comes this light and bright gallery wall, replete with a living element, mirror, tribal art, fur, and a kitty portrait. The sculptural bench, fabulous pillows, and shaggy fur take this space to the next level.

This inspiring gallery wall, courtesy of @emilygradydodge, is a personal, fun and eclectic example. We love the basket, the pair of prints, and especially that gorgeous taupe vase below! 

For a totally unexpected but VERY chic gallery wall, @tinkerabout hung books with their pages open to create this stunning moment. We especially love that clock and the antique card cabinet–that shade of blue is absolutely perfect. 


As always, keep tagging #MyCovetedHome to show us your own take on inspired interiors and for a chance to be featured. Thanks for sharing! 



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Auditory Aesthetics / Beirut

Movements: Scandinavian Interior Design

Beirut’s eclectic sound is the inspiration for this installment of Auditory Aesthetics. We’ve been spending some time in the shop listening to their 2015 album No No No. It is full of interesting, catchy tunes. The sound on No No No is more stripped down than on some of their previous records. But it is still layered with piano, brass, and strings. Beirut seamlessly fuses musical styles from various cultures and time periods. We especially love the Latin and Eastern European musical influences.  Beirut’s musical style is eclectic, and we also enjoy interiors that incorporate design elements from different times and cultures. The music on No No No reflects an appreciation for the beauty that can be found in the “other”.  We’ve rounded up some rooms that include cultural artifacts that have deep meaning and timeless beauty.






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Zig_Zag_PlanterZig Zag Planter

MarionetteChinese Marionette


Konya Turkish Rug

Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere, and we think music is a wonderful source of creativity. Follow our “Auditory Aesthetics” series on the blog as we share with you some of our favorite albums and home decor finds. Most items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City, our online shop and are also available to view through their appropriate links. As always, let us help you design your life.


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All About the Mix – Eclectic Interiors

“Variety is the spice of life.” You’ve doubtless heard this old saw before, and here at the shop, we are advocates of this philosophy, especially when it comes to putting together a room. Have you ever walked into an otherwise well-designed space, only to be underwhelmed by the visual interest the room conveys? Us too. While the elements of a room can (and should) sing in harmony, you don’t want them all to play the same note. This approach to design not only allows for creativity, it’s also an opportunity for you to let your own aesthetic preferences take front and center. Do you have a cherished piece of furniture or an offbeat but attention-grabbing accessory, but you’re not sure it will ‘work’ in the space? Take a chance. Sometimes, the most seemingly off-kilter piece becomes the focal point and visual punch a room needs to take it from ‘nice enough’ to ‘stunning.’ It’s all about getting the mix right, and while unifying details can add polish to a space, so can a mix of old and new, organic and machined, raw and refined. Above all, choose pieces that make you happy, even if they don’t necessarily ‘go’ together. The finished product will absolutely surprise and delight. Just like the most fascinating conversationalist you know, your rooms should be able to speak to anyone.


item1.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.richard-mishaan-manhattan-home-02-living-roomAbove: In decorator Richard Mishaan’s Manhattan living room, a wide variety of styles, prints and periods meld seamlessly. (Photo courtesy Architectural Digest)

Below: A small offering of eclectic but unified lighting and accessories available at Coveted Home;

Asti floor lamp, Kohinoor rosewood candlesticksCelestite Geode on stand




Top image via Mary Ames and Co

Items are available to purchase through Coveted Home in Kansas City and are also available to view through their appropriate links in our online shop. Coveted Home carries furniture and home accessories and offers interior design services. We love creating eclectic interiors with our clients. Let us help you design your life.