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Making a Wishlist a Reality

When it comes to moving, most people would say it is the worst. I beg to differ. Although packing does feel like a chore (we move in a week and I have barely filled up a shoe box), I feel like this has given me the opportunity to start fresh with design (just one inspiring space shown above). I have been dreaming of our new home for weeks. I have completely envisioned the layout of first floor, down to the oddities displayed above the fireplace mantel. Although I come prepared in most areas of home furnishings, I have made a list of items that I would love to acquire in order to complete our future abode.

1. Area Rug for dining room (underneath our “found” brass and octagon shaped glass top dining table)

Dash & Albert Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug (available at Coveted Home)



2. Pull up side table for living room (next to a rattan loveseat with upholstered chambray cushion)

Donm Palm Kenyan Baskets (available at Coveted Home)



3. A collected assortment of throw pillows

From Left: Stone Textile’s The Arrow Pillow, Turkish Kilim Pillow from TRIO, Turkish Kilim Pillow from TRIO

StoneTextilePillow RedKilimPillow DiamondKilimPilllow



4. Vintage arc lamp near the sofa (preferably brass)

Vintage Three Arm Brass Arc Lamp



5. Decorative lamp finial (for existing natural rattan table lamp in the dining room)

Dorothy Malachite Lamp Finial by Hillary Thomas Designs (available at Coveted Home)









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Put Your Best Foot Forward


The team at Coveted Home has a soft spot for original, whimsical furniture. Especially when it has little feet. We probably discuss how much we love the store’s Oly footstool, seen above, once a week! It’s an instant conversation piece and very easy to love– we think everyone should have something like it. So, here’s a little round up we created of a few tried-and-true footed favorites.


One: Oly Studio’s Petite Kedan Footstool. Two Oly Studio Arthur Bench. Three: Arteriors White Lola Accent Table. Four: Oly Studio Ferson Half Round Table. Five: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Black Sheep Life-Size Statue. Six: Oly Studio Ajax Ottoman.

Like what you see? Come visit us at Coveted Home for more!

Whether your seeking interior designer services or to shop our accessories, we are here to help you design your life

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A Room to Grow Up In

I haven’t had the opportunity to design for too many kiddos so when my clients asked me to help with their daughters room I was so excited. We’ve done most of the main level together–living, dining and eating areas as well as the entry and powder bath. My clients had more of an idea of what they wanted (or didn’t want really) for their daughters room than any other room we have worked on. I was told that with certainty they did NOT want all white painted furniture with a mural on the wall, which seems to be the run of the mill on kids rooms these days. They were however very set on the colors of pink and blue. They also wanted the room to be something she could grow into and that was not too princess/little girl.

Here is a preview of one option I put together for them. I will be sure to post pictures of the finalized version once everything has been installed!


Fabric and paint options

Whether your seeking interior designer services or to shop our accessories, we are here to help you design your life.

Round up:

Paint (background color), Caribbean Mist, Benjamin Moore

Jenny Lind Bed, Land of Nod

Tibetan Fur Ottoman, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Tory Quilted Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids

Maskros Pendant, Ikea

Jarmin Table Lamp, Stray Dog Designs

Mame Vanity/Desk & Catherine side table, Bungalow 5

Lauren Waste Basket, Stray Dog Designs

Whether your seeking interior designer services or to shop our accessories, we are here to help you design your life

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Bringing Sexy Back

Our most coveted line in the shop, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, just launched the new fall collection last week. Their designs always impress me but this time they have blown me away! This collection is sexy, seductive and right on point. Here are some of my favorite pieces.


The Fiona Sofa is actually a really good looking sleeper sofa. MG+BW has some of the most comfortable sleeper sofas on the market, both to sit on and sleep on.


This bar is a beauty with its raised diamond parquet doors and brass hardware.


The console is silver leafed resin reminiscent of a fallen tree. Love it and the sheep.


They are calling this one the Frida Dining Chair, but with those lines I would totally put a pair in a living room.


I’m a sucker for furry things.


That coffee table will be mine. I love it so much. I am also really digging the modernized Chesterfield style sofa (named Claudette) with upholstered  legs and nailhead that goes to the floor. I can’t wait to get a few of these pieces on the floor so we can all revel in their beauty.

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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End of Summer Sale–1 Week left!



There is still 1 week left of our End of Summer Sale and plenty of goodies left to be had at ridiculously low prices! Everything in the shop is 20% off (excluding pieces on consignment) and lots of items have been marked down up to 75% off. Don’t miss out–the sale ends next Sunday the 11th.

Be sure to follow us on facebook, we will be posting daily steals throughout the week until the sale is over.

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Undercover Designer

I haphazardly came across an old ‘do it Yourself’ magazine from Spring 2012. While turning pages I came across an image that I recognized. A living room that I had seen published years before in another magazine. The reason why the image was so memorable to me was because I spent weeks in my rendering class around 7 years ago replicating the image.

The home featured was that of designer Kate Schintzius. Upon further inspection the room was not exactly how I remembered it, although a few stand out items were the same: coral drapery, beautiful sofa and of course that amazing tree mural. I was intrigued–how had I seen such a similar room so many years ago in another magazine–was it the same owner or did the new owner inherit that sofa along with the mural and drapes?

Kate Schintzius

I had to know so I started digging. (For the record, if you asked me what I would have been if not a designer it would be a detective. I love solving mysteries like this.) Luckily I had an easy place to start-the mural. Its stated in the article as being inspired by a mural done by the French fashion designer, Paul Poiret. It wasn’t long before I came across the image I had seen so many years ago, published in Elle Decor.

Molly Luetkemeyer

And here is my rendering of it:


You can’t even actually see that black and white inlaid bench in front of the coffee table in the photo. I spent hours drawing the details of that bench! Between that and the rug, I don’t remember which one was harder!

Upon further investigation I found out the designer of the room I rendered 7 years ago is a designer who’s work I admire greatly–Molly Luetkemeyer. The current owner/designer Kate is a Project Manager & Senior Designer at Molly’s firm!

It was a day full of lovely design discoveries and I will leave you with the image of the exquisit original mural by Paul Poiret done in 1924.


Images 1, 2, 4


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Floored by Good Design

Madeline Weinrib once called her induction into the business of textile design “ironic”. Although her great-grandfather, Max Weinrib, was the founder of ABC Carpet & Home, Madeline became a painter and eventually taught drawing at CUNY before she ever found interest in handcrafted carpets and textiles. Inspired by the idea of modernizing “folkloric and traditional patterns”, she eventually launched her first carpet collection with ABC in 1997 and has since become a household name in the industry.



Weinrib’s rugs exude an heirloom quality that is luxurious and sensible. We have several of her gorgeous styles showcased and available for purchase at the store. Something I have learned from Madeline Weinrib is that a rug should command attention without separating itself from the environment it dwells in. Keeping this in mind as well as practicality, construction, and design should help you in choosing the perfect rug for any space.


Along with Madeline Weinrib, we also feature rugs from Dash & Albert. They have an amazing selection of high quality, affordable cotton, indoor/outdoor, and wool rugs in all sizes. Made from 100% polypropylene, I particularly adore their indoor/outdoor rugs for high traffic areas, if you have pets, or even small children in your home. Their hand loomed woven wool rugs come in gorgeous color combinations that are positively unexpected. What is equally impressive about both Madeline Weinrib and Dash & Albert is that they transition seamlessly in traditional to modern spaces.




[Information and Images via The Style Saloniste, Madeline Weinrib, Dash & Albert, and Pinterest]









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Mud Cloth Trending

Mud cloth drying in the sun
Mud cloth drying in the sun

I recently saw a post about decorating with mud  cloth on Apartment Therapy (full post here). We happen to have a few pillows made with mud cloth in the shop and now I am trying to get my hands on some more of it so I can do something custom like upholster a chair or use as a wall hanging or something else creative and fun.

Bogolanfini, referred to as mud cloth is a handmade Malian cotton fabric that is traditionally dyed with fermented mud. According to Wikipedia, traditionally the men weave the fabric and the women dye it. The dyeing process is apparently cumbersome and long as the cloth is soaked in a dye bath made from mashed and boiled, or soaked, leaves of the n’gallama tree. Then the cloth is sun-dried and painted with designs using a piece of metal or wood. The paint, carefully and repeatedly applied to outline the intricate motifs, is a special mud, collected from riverbeds and fermented for up to a year in a clay jar. Thanks to a chemical reaction between the mud and the dyed cloth, the brown color remains after the mud is washed off. Finally, the yellow n’gallama dye is removed from the unpainted parts of the cloth by applying soap or bleach. [info via Wikipedia]

Quite the process, right?! I am constantly amazed by the techniques that go into making textile products such as this. Techniques that are easy for us to take advantage of here and not even consider the source or what went into making such a beautiful creation.

Mixing modern and contemporary furnishings with global textiles and art is hugely popular right now in interiors and demonstrated pretty well in these two photos from the Apartment Therapy post.



mudcloth2 mudcloth




 Here in the shop we have one of our mud cloth pillows on this mid century style leather sofa, paired with a vintage brass table and modern task lamp.



 To some mixing the mud cloth pillow with this hand carved chair upholstered in gold mohair with nailhead would be a stretch. I happen to love unexpected combos like this.



 Up close shot of the 2 pillows we have in the shop.

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A house in KC, A house in DC

This house belonged to some of my very first (and some of my favorite for that matter) design clients that I started working with back in 2009 when I first opened up shop. We worked on their home over the course of about 3 years, the bulk of it being done in the beginning and over time getting to finishing touches and extra bedrooms etc. Then last year in August they moved to the quaint town of Alexandria, Virginia, right outside of DC.

Their KC abode was adorable with some unique characteristics and is situated in a desirable neighborhood. Take for instance the hay that was plastered into the walls. I thought for sure they would want to get rid of it, but they liked the quirky charm of it and they way it correlated with the Spanish pavers in the living and dining room.

This house has been featured on my portfolio for a while and has also made appearances in our ads as well as a few local magazines. When they made the move they asked me to help them get situated in their new house (a rental for the time being), which is about half the size of their former KC home. I happily agreed and flew out for moving day. We knew we would  have to move things around to make it fit and some pieces were just going to have to go into storage.

Here is the KC house

_DSC8697 72

I loved those black & white chairs at the dining table.

_DSC8734 72 _DSC8760 72

Can you see the hay in the walls? It definitely grew on me.

_DSC8777 72


Loved the feeling of rustic modern we brought to the house mixed with some unexpected elements.

In their new house the sectional was not going to fit so we got them an adorable small size sofa (the Mona from MG + BW) in a luxurious mink colored chenille and added some velvet and silk pillows.

023 019

We kept the green leather ottoman and moved the head chairs from the dining room in the previous house to the living room. They simply would not fit in their new dining room and I love how they turned out in here! We also added that awesome bronze mirror crosshatch tray to the ottoman from Notre Monde and a Madeline Weinrib rug.



The beautiful Oly Studio Elisabeth Cabinet was previously in their bedroom but in no way would make it up the tight staircase to their new DC bedroom so it landed here in the living room and luckily works quite well there! And although its hard to see in these photos, that amazing faux bois white resin table from Oly Studio that was also previously in the master bedroom (with the blue walls) now serves as their entry table next to the front door–behind the black and white stripe chairs.

I loved being a part of their new home and being able to help them get settled. I was so glad we were able to work in the majority of the pieces even if it is a bit tight in some spots! I certainly miss seeing them around Kansas City but I can tell they are quite happy in their new home and fingers crossed they call me the next time they move:)

Photo credits:

Kansas City home photographed by Roy Inman

Alexandria home photographed by the homeowner, Jessica Allen

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Happy Anniversary to us!

May 1st was our 1 year anniversary at Coveted Home and also marks being in business for a total of 4 years now!  The previous 3 years were under a different name, Urban Dwellings Design, located in downtown Kansas City–my first business endeavor.   I became very excited when I realized I was going into my 5th year of business…it just feels like a good sign and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come for the Coveted Home brand!

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reminisce and show some photos that have never been published before. They are mostly all from Urban Dwellings–we had such a cool space down there in a beautiful old building and I do miss being downtown! The first 5 or so photos were taken right when we opened in 2008. You can just tell how fresh everything was, all in its perfect spot!

The last 5 are from Coveted Home. I love looking back at these photos to see how things have transformed and evolved over the years. Next month in June the store will be transformed once again. A brand new shipment of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture will be arriving (including a bed, sofa, chairs and tables) along with lots of new accessories, so stay in touch and be on the lookout for the exciting news when everything arrives!


j4DEW1628 4DEW1561 4DEW1613 4DEW1502 4DEW15174DEW5791 4DEW5145 4DEW5114101202_BCLShow12_LC 101202_BCLShow28_LC 101202_BCLShow22_LCCoveted_Home-9508 Coveted_Home-9613 Coveted_Home-9622 Coveted_Home-9627Coveted_Home-9608j

Photo Credits:

1-8 Patrick Andrew Adams Photography

9-11 Landon Collis Photography

12-16 Forester Michael Photography