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The Daze of Christmas: 15% Off and Counting + Holiday Trunk Show with Sierra Winter

The countdown, oh the COUNTDOWN! 

Here’s the thing, like it or now, the Holidays are are short few aways and closing in fast. 

We hope all of you are well out there and want to give you, our readers, our dearest supporters a heads up about the upcoming sale on holiday goods…

ALL HOLIDAY will be marked 15% OFF  beginning Saturday. And it only gets better. As the days go by, we notch away at our calendars, the 25th closing in fast, but as the time draws closer so too the discounts — growing steeper, deeper, and more delicious with every day. 

But don’t let that keep you from snagging those last minute gifts. We are fully stocked. What you see is what you get and it’s going quick!

So hurry in or place those orders (guaranteed shipping up until Dec. 18th.) 

In Case You Missed It
Coming December 15th

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! 
Last Chance Trunk Show

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Fall Essentials and the Brands You Should Know

Changes are brewing, summer to autumn. Patio’s, picnics and falling into piles of leaves. Who’s ready for fall! We’re here to equip you with the right tools to make the best of this coming season: Luscious apothecary to keep your skin soft and smooth, whimsical baskets, rings for yo’ finga’s and salts for the soaking. Plus a ton of sage and incense for those late night incantations.  Continue reading Fall Essentials and the Brands You Should Know

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The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

This season forget the old tricks, forget Godiva, forget Kay Jewelers — We have you covered with these handcrafted, boutique lovelies. Strive to be original and show these Valentine-e’s what they really mean <3

Continue reading The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

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Lily Dawson Trunk Show

You’re invited to join us on Thursday, August 6th at Coveted Home for a trunk show with local jewelry maker Lily Dawson of Lily Dawson Designs. Lily uses crystals, metals, stones, and chains to create beautiful, wearable works of art. We’re drawn to her creative, original designs, and we know that you all are going to love her work as much as we do. Lily will be in the shop on Thursday.

We will be featuring her lovely, handcrafted jewelry throughout the weekend. Visit us to see her lovely designs.

We can’t wait to introduce you to Lily Dawson and her fabulous work!

LilyDawsonPromoThis is a free event

Wine and light refreshments will be served

Thursday, August 6th

4:00 – 8:00 PM

Coveted Home

610 W. 48th Street Kansas City, MO 64112

Coveted Home on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO. carries a wide range of home accessories. We also carry small batch jewelry collections from local and national designers. Let us design you life!

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Introducing Young in the Mountains

Mornings that begin with delivery truck greetings are guaranteed to be wonderful days. Like on Christmas, we frantically tear through boxes to reveal highly anticipated new inventory. Instead of Hallmark cards, we read shipping invoices. No bows; just bubble wrap. It’s not fancy, but man, a day that starts out with box cutters and cardboard is a damn good day. Saturday was no exception. 

Meet Mariele Ivy, owner and designer behind Young in the Mountains. Born and raised in Montana; now living in Colorado. Mariele is an uber-talented designer as her handmade wares range from ceramics to handbags to jewelry. Made from recycled sterling silver + reclaimed hardwoods, her jewelry is edgy, fierce, simplistic. Each ceramic piece is hand built with a contrast between stark white porcelain and black graphic patterns that tend to look like modern artifacts. We can’t decide what we love most. And we don’t want to. We’ll take it all!

Although she works in varying mediums, Mariele has been making jewelry since she was 5 years old. “Jewelry communicates status and style. Without speaking you can be striking, powerful or intimidating. You are sharing something about your self when you choose to add something to your body.” – Mariele Ivy 








Welcome Young in the Mountains to Coveted Home! Stop by the shop today to see these beauties in person. Or take one home, but we may fight you for it!

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Connecting You To What’s New

We are all suffering from “spring fever”. I think it shows when you see our latest arrivals at the shop. Fresh pillows showcased in citrine. New jewelry from Takara (based out of Portland). A few of our favorites from local jewelry designer, Jennifer Janesko. And a restock of The Object Enthusiast’s beloved ceramic vessels and ring dishes. Stop by the shop to say hello and catch up on all that we are currently coveting. And beware, this fever is contagious. All items are available through our online boutique if you wish to stay indoors.

 FeyLemonSquare MahoeLumbar Citrine18x18From top: Fey Lemon $105, Mahoe Lumbar $98, Constance Citrine $90

midnight_cuff_bracelet nala_hoop_sm NightShieldPinkFrom top: Midnight Cuff $88, Nala Hoop $70, Night Shield Necklace $162

WhiteCopperBallVase RedOrangeVase HexRingDish BlackCopperVaseFrom top: Ball Vase $42, Red Orange Teardrop $36, Ring Dish $22, Brushstroke Vase $32

JaneskoBarNecklace JaneskoJetwayEarrings MoKanSilver1From top: Runway Necklace $80, Jetway Studs $45, MO/KS Necklace $66

Happy Shopping!