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The Coveted Valentine’s Day: A Gift Guide to Love

This season forget the old tricks, forget Godiva, forget Kay Jewelers — We have you covered with these handcrafted, boutique lovelies. Strive to be original and show these Valentine-e’s what they really mean <3

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Movements: Japanese Interior Design and the Art of Feng Shui

When I think of Japanese design, I think sleek, modern lines. Soft woods, plants galore. Beams of sunlight drifting through open windows, across pine floors with straw mats and low tables. Floor pillows and steaming cups of tea. Lanterns and water features. Peace and tranquility. There’s something inspiring about Japan’s tendency towards serenity — especially in this modern age, when we lead such busy lives. So, I present this issue of Movement’s as a sort of rebellion. A call to reserve our homes for rest and rejuvenation. And with the right touch, any room can be transformed into a zen oasis.

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What They Covet with Emily Brewer

Emily Brewer and her twin sister, Elizabeth, are local fashion bloggers. Their blog, Fashion Column Twins, features fashion tips, recipes, hair style ideas, interior inspiration, and more. They are lovely ladies and give great fashion tips – who knew one could wear a maternity dress to a wedding even while not pregnant and look adorable! Emily and her husband recently purchased their first home, and we’re looking forward to seeing how she decorates her space. Emily is coveting wool, feathers, and velvet – some of our favorite materials!


Emily Brewer: “I am currently a freelance copywriter, and I also have a fashion blog, Fashion Column twins, that I share with my twin sister, Elizabeth. We blog about everything from fashion to home decor. I’m really passionate about creativity and incorporating that into my lifestyle. I’m a very creative person which is why my sister and I started our blog so that we could always have that outlet to share and hopefully inspire others.”

Emily’s Style: “I wouldn’t say I have a specific style that I stick to because I’m always up for experimenting with different styles. However, I’m typically more drawn to the eclectic California style rather than something more traditional. Right now I’m really into rooms that have a laid back and fun feel to them with interesting pieces and color combinations.”

This and top image via / Photos by Tessa Neustadt & Brittany Ambridge

Emily’s room pick: Living room of designer, Emily Henderson

“I’m obsessed with Emily Henderson’s style because she has this way of combining unexpected colors while still make a room look put together. She’s also not afraid to incorporate unique conversation pieces into her design. Her living room is light and airy with a hint of masculinity. I love the way she worked color into this room from the rug to the wall art to the natural elements.”

Emily’s Favorites:

RugSouk Wool Rug ($199-$1299)

“This rug is neutral but has a cool eclectic vibe to it. I would throw this on my living room floor and add in color through my sofa/chairs and wall art. ”

Headdress-White-800x800Cameroon Feather Headdress ($649)

“Now this is a conversation piece that I would love to have! I would use this truly unique piece as a focal point in a room and to add some serious texture!”

Product_WWH10304_Image_1Jodi 84” Tufted Sofa ($1999)

“Navy is one of my favorite colors so I can never say no to a velvet tufted navy sofa. This one is on my living room wish list!”

Thanks for sharing, Emily!

 What do you “covet”? That is the question Coveted Home is asking our favorite makers and tastemakers for our newest blog feature called “What They Covet”. Want to share what you covet with our readers? Send us an email at for details about how to participate.