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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Tips on How to Style Dark Walls

Whimsical and broody, moody and a bold statement. Dark walls are a force to be reckoned with. Been thinking of going dark but afraid you can’t pull off the trend? Done right, dark walls can make any space covetable.

While there’s an inherant masculinity, dark walls can be so much more. We’ve reached out to a few ladies that have used dark walls in their own homes to create spaces that thousands swoon over on the daily, over on Instagram. 

sgardenerstyle Whimsical and broody, moody and a hell of a statement. Dark walls are a force to be reckoned with. Done just right, make any space swoon worthy #styleitdark

Shavonda Gardner’s Instagram feed is full of dark wall inspiration. Her light sofa, rug and art are a bold and beautiful contrast with the dark paint. We asked Shavonda to chime in on living with dark walls, and she has no regrets. “I love the way the deep walls really play up the coziness of our little bungalow.” We couldn’t agree more! 

dark walls #styleitdark interior design trend kansas city how to

If you’re looking for courage to go dark, check out Nadia’s home (@Artynads), she took it a step further with 24k gold duct tape. Definitely ups the glam factor! 

dining room #styleitdark interior design tips on dark walls

Nadia’s dining room is just as stunning with her wood dining table, assortment of dark pillows and art. She proves you can go all in with dark colors and still pull off a gorgeous space. We asked Nadia why she chose to go with dark walls in her house: “I love dark walls because contrary to what people think, it’s not depressing and enclosing. It has a kind of infinity as well as a cozy welcoming feel. I team my dark colors with metallics, especially gold to give the rooms a lift and a bit of sparkle. Dark colors behind shelving makes your pieces of art work really pop, its a dramatic back drop.” 

don't be afraid of the dark #style it dark interior design ideas

Another wildly popular dark accent wall  can be seen in Liz Kamarul’s Portland pad. We asked Liz about her killer black 3 dimensional wall art to which she replied she had cut the triangles out of a thin piece of wood, painted and then nailed them to the wall (hello DIY goals!). Liz’s space is all about the texture, plants and boho vibes and we love how the dark wall gives off that cool girl aura. 


Could dark walls help you sleep better? “I find that one area people are more comfortable with dark walls is in a bedroom. It creates an intimate and soothing feeling and is a great place to test out this trend.”Jaclyn Joslin of Coveted Home 

Have a dark wall you want to share with us? Use our hashtag #MyCovetedHome and Nadia’s #StyleItDark. We would absolutely love to see how you’ve embraced this movement.

As always, we are here to help you design your life. 

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On Trend: Art Inspired Wallpaper | Coveted Home Blog

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Not long ago it was said with declarative force that wallpaper was a thing of the past. Was outdated. A faux pa. A designers worst nightmare; more associated with mauve flashbacks to the 70’s than high art. Oh but the times have changed as we fawn over gorgeous wallpapered flats in NYC, in the trendiest L.A studios and, yes, even accenting the walls of Coveted Home! 

We’ve rounded up a few favorite producers of all American made wall coverings. These artists are trailblazing a rich path to prove once and for all that wallpaper is back, and better than ever.  Continue reading On Trend: Art Inspired Wallpaper | Coveted Home Blog

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[Hand] Paint the Town

When you think of wallpaper, hand painted is probably not the first thing you think of. I mean, thats crazy right? Well that is exactly what the duo behind Porter Teleo does–hand paint paper and fabric for gorgeous interior installations. Kelly Porter, an artist and Bridgett Cochran, an interior designer, collaborated 10 years ago using techniques such as wood blocking, painting and chine colle which allows the printmaker to use more delicate surfaces like the handmade Japanese paper they use for their wallpaper.

Not only are these ladies creating off the charts beautiful pieces of art, they are making it right here in Kansas City. I’ve been eyeing their paper for some time now for my own hall bath and decided to invite myself over to their studio so I could look at their samples and see first hand the process of hand painted wallpaper.

I chatted with Kelly a bit about their process, I was curious to know how long it would take them to make a panel like the one they were working on during my visit, which happened to be their pattern called Tangled. I was also intrigued by how they do pattern matches…here is her description of the process:

“For one roll of Tangled, it can take several hours.  The process needs to be divided into a few days for each roll.  In the beginning we have to mix ink for each and every order.  This is done in an individual dye lot for each order.  We then get CFA approval on a cutting of that actual paper and ink, pulled out for a strike off.  As for the process…First we lay the pattern out, and figure out the repeats and side match for each particular roll, and how they will fit together in the space.  We paint the pattern on.  Then we come in the next day after that part is dry and we fill in the negative space.  Then there is more drying time.  Then we do touch up and finishing quality checks.”  

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Coveted Home Visits Porter Teleo

Now to see some of this work in action. You may be familiar with these designs through Kelly Wearstlers work. They have been making custom papers for Kelly for many years and she was one of their first big clients that helped them get their business out into the world of design.





This last one might be my favorite, I love the graduation of the design form the floor to the brilliant. Stay tuned as I finish my bathroom renovation and some of this striking paper goes up on one of the walls…I seriously can’t wait!

A big thank you to Kelly & Bridgett for letting me poke around and ask questions and thank you to Tracy for helping me in the sample room and giving me the tour!

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The Paper Route

The use of wallpaper in interior design has gone through elongated spurts of popularity since it’s debut over 300 years ago. I can recall as a small child in the 80’s being horrified by the wallpaper my late grandmother had chosen for her master bathroom. It was mundane in color, but the repetitive scenery of naked women bathing in waterfalls made up for the monotonous tones of beige and ivory. A lot has changed since then. Those walls have since become a fond memory of my grandmother along with her beloved Dirty Dancing poster of a scantily clad Patrick Swayze that hung on the wall adjacent to her bathroom. And I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the use of wallpaper for almost any space. From what I can see, this bold trend is sticking.