Welcome to the World of Atl. Oblique: Introducing Our New French Perfume


Atelier Oblique is a fragrance house established in Berlin in 2015 and wholeheartedly dedicated to traditional scents. Developed in the centre of the perfumer’s art – Grasse, in the south of France – and composed only using the finest traditional ingredients, Atl Oblique’s scented candles are classics of our time.


Mario Lombardo is one of the most well-respected designers of our time and has influenced the national and international design scene for many years. His work is considered groundbreaking, demonstrates social relevance, and has been honored on hundreds of occasions with national and international awards as well as a monograph. From the outset, his work has playfully overcome stylistic boundaries and has performed a balancing act between different, seemingly mismatched, disciplines, creating new contexts in language, space, aesthetics, and materials. As a designer, Mario Lombardo has helped shape the style of an entire era, placed a focus on experimental and craft activities in the age of digital aesthetics, and has breathed new life into print media. It is a passion for craftsmanship that continues to this day. Clients including KaDeWe, JOOP!, Rosenthal, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others have gladly placed their trust in his work.


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