Fall Essentials and the Brands You Should Know

Changes are brewing, summer to autumn. Patio’s, picnics and falling into piles of leaves. Who’s ready for fall! We’re here to equip you with the right tools to make the best of this coming season: Luscious apothecary to keep your skin soft and smooth, whimsical baskets, rings for yo’ finga’s and salts for the soaking. Plus a ton of sage and incense for those late night incantations. 

These are the new lines you should know and your new favorite fall essentials.

Gem and Honey  ||  Baleen  ||  Doug Johnston  ||  Monta



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Gem & Honey: Everything from bath salts to bath salts! Their tins and bottles come with lovely crystals to keep your spirits high. Fall days should be spent toggling the tap from cold to hot with your toes and lounging about the bath 24/7. Just you, a bottle of rose, a good book and Gem & Honey.


baleen earring jewelry kansas city

Baleen: Stylish and upcoming trends with an even sexier price! Gold, fringe, gemstones and crystals all come together to create this timeless bohemian look.


Doug Johnston: This artist turned basket maker has gained a global following in recent time. Their baskets are released in extremely limited runs. They’re enchanting, creative and fit in just about anywhere. if you’re seeking one-of-a-kind pieces and flawless artistry Doug Johnston’s your cat.

Monta: Is this true love? Face mist, roll-on perfume and bath salts round out our collection of some of the most uplifting, most sensuous aromas known to humanity… Ok, maybe we’re a little obsessed. But as far as peace, mind and spirit are concerned this is your new go-to line for fragrances and apothecary.